University Lecturer crucified for saying “a Woman’s Virginity is the best gift for her Husband”

A female university lecturer in China has defended her statement that a woman’s “virginity is the best gift” she can ever give her husband.

Ding Xuan went viral with her stance on chastity and marriage during a public lecture she delivered on 14 May, 2017

Xuan, a popular figure in China’s traditional culture, said she considers “virginity” as the most important “dowry” in marriage although she later tendered a non-apology for the controversial lecture on traditional culture and values for women at Jiangxi’s Jiujiang university.

The theme of her lecture centered on women’s virtues and “How to be a model woman in the new era.”

She argued that wearing revealing clothes is vulgar, and was quick to advise women against seeking help from matchmakers — even if they’re desperate to get married.

In her opinion, couple brought together by parents or matchmaking agencies can bring bad luck to such women, their families, and ancestors.

The lecturer stressed on provocative clothing, saying it can lead to sexual assault or rape.

Critics are asking questions on how the 63-year-old was allowed to circulate her “old school” ideas in a university setting.

Meanwhile, Jiujiang University’s Publicity Department has denied that the screen slides published on Sina Weibo are from the public lecture.


“The slides posted online are not from the lecture held in our school which contained no inappropriate content,” a university staff member said.

The lecture which stirred huge backlash on social media, has been one of the top trending topics around China in recent days. It has gathered over 34,000 comments already and still counting.

During an interview with Beijing Time, the lecturer argued that her statements were taken out of context, adding that the moral values she passed was the same she received from her mom and grandmother.

She said an advice on chastity isn’t enough to call her a sexist, unless the world has lost its senses on what being a virtuous woman implies.

“Any ‘virtues’ that are specifically taught to women and not to men are bad!” said an angry netizen on Weibo.

“Men and women both need to avoid immorality, why would you specifically teach morals to women?” some commenters asked.

Meanwhile, some of the women wept in the audience section, according to a report from SCMP.

“Many of the audience members got a lot out of it,” the news outlet quotes Ding as saying. “Some of them wept and said they had been wrong [about their sexual orientations and moral values].

“This is something that must be said — reminding women to remain chaste in order to guarantee blessings for their marriage…

“Women should not sleep around. Today they’re with one man and tomorrow with another – who will still want them?”

Some critics say Ding’s lecture “sounded like something out of the Qing dynasty (1644-1912) when women were still having their feet bound.”

“The most annoying part is her saying it’s ‘for their own good,'” wrote another. “I just want to say it’s none of your business.”

Later in the lecture, Ding allegedly talked about the dangers of abortion and also played a “disturbing” video to drive home her points.

“Please don’t make virtue about vagina,” added critic added.

Another Sina Weibo user named Bainuo wrote: “Women are not subordinate to men, we can love beauty and wear whatever we like, we have our own ways to express our love and having sex before marriage does not mean we don’t have self-respect.”

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