Gross! You won’t believe this meat seller uses her Cleaver for Pedicure in public

You’ll have to reconsider how and where you get your meat after seeing a video of this Chinese meat seller who uses her sharp knife to scrape dead skin off the soles of her feet.

The woman angered many internet users who had the opportunity to watch her gross viral video.

She was caught red-handed on a video camera while living her unhygienic life without giving thoughts to the health risks.

Just like a gold nose ring on a pig, her cleanliness can be described as the height of beastliness. It’d be an understatement to write here that the meat seller is an epitome of nastiness, filth and bawdiness.

Shanghaiist confirms the footage showing a woman with a repulsive habit was recorded in Yunnan’s Yiliang county.

“When I watched the video, I instantly got goosebumps and couldn’t bear to look…,” a woman wrote about the nasty meat seller and her apparently infected knife. “It makes me want to vomit.”

The commenter adds that it’ll be a routine for her to sniff meat for foot odor before she buys — an attitude which is considered “acceptable” for many consumers in some parts of the country.