Top-earning content marketing ideas

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Time flies, and content marketing trends are changing and evolving.

As a site or blog owner or a writer, it’s your job to align with all the novelties to provide top-notch content. Here’s some interesting data* to help you 
keep your content marketing strategy working and effective.
1. Content marketing as a part of marketing strategy
97% of companies – yes
3% of companies – no

2. Documented content marketing strategy
57% of companies – yes
40% of companies – no
3% of companies – not sure.
3. Tactics that helped the most to make the 2021 content strategy successful
Content quality improvement – 55%
Search engine optimization – 46%
Creating more video and visual content – 40%.
4. Tactics that helped the most with ranking the content organically in 2021
Content quality improvement 55%
Making it more authentic – 61%
More content creation & more frequent posting – 45%
More precise keyword research – 43%.
5. Which content formats brought the best results in 2021?
Video – 37%, Blog posts – 36%, Success stories – 32%
As you can see, content making and blogging stay the top priority for content marketers. That’s what helps a company reach new heights.

You can easily fuel your blog or site with qualitative content and even earn money by placing it on your website!

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