Time for action!

God has spoken to you in a lot of ways!  Because of Jesus, you can be a hero for God right where you live, right now, right here!  God has equipped you with all you need – you have Jesus & His Holy Spirit as your partner, you have weapons, you have a direct line to God through prayer!  You learned you are special to God –  you are:

  • Chosen by God; He sees your heart and wants you to choose Him
  • Christ’s – when you belong to Jesus, you are never alone; you belong to His family
  • Called – God has a special purpose and plan for your life!

We’ve had fun learning about heroes of the Bible, but what’s next?  How can you take what you’ve learned and experienced and live it out in incredible ways for God as a hero in the world He has placed you?

What is God calling you to?  Jesus showed us the greatest example of a true hero – to help in time of need and rescue.  What need is God showing you…someone who needs your help?  It may be a younger brother or sister that looks to you as an example of how to live for Jesus!  It may be another student at school that needs a friend!  It may be an elderly next door neighbor that could use a younger hand to help!  Or it may be a stranger that needs a smile to give them hope!  Put on your super-hero glasses and look at the world through the eyes of Jesus; let Him show you others that need His love.

God gives us tools, armor, weapons and more to help us be the hero we can be for Him!  Come on…let’s put on our super powers!!!!

PRAY:  Find a quiet place and be still.  Recognize God is with you; maybe even pull up another chair to remind you that He is right there!  Talk to Him about the things on your mind and on your heart.  Also, be still and listen to Him.  Open your Bible to Psalm 46:10; God can speak to us through His Word, the Bible.  Think about what this verse says…be still…know that He is God.