The state of content marketing in 2022

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Culture, talent, and strategy combine to make every business as unique as your thumbprint. There is no onesize-fits-all approach to creating content at scale, organizing processes, or generating quality organic traffic. But building a content marketing
strategy and workflow that allows you to deliver on stakeholder expectations is a top priority in 2022.

How you execute your planning and production depends on myriad factors. Indeed, with more tools and tactics at your disposal—and a shifting, uncertain marketplace—it’s never been more complex.

The solution ultimately lies in avoiding ad hoc content creation and case-by-case analysis
and instead—building a strategy and mapping clear processes. Meziesblog has created this report because we want to share our expertise and industry knowledge to help your
business grow better with content.

Here, you’ll find insights and practical advice based on the opinions of industry experts and our own expert analysis of Semrush data. Covering everything you need to know to design a better content marketing strategy this year, this State of Content Marketing
report provides a bird’s eye view of top content marketing trends and an indepth manual on how to build your content strategy and workflow in 2022.

  • In this section, we dive into the search trends relating to content marketing itself and show what’s growing, what’s static, and what seems to be on the decline. We examine the following areas:
  • Searches related to content marketing
  • Top content marketing questions
  • Topic research trends
  • Cost per click (CPC) trends
  • Twitter content marketing topics and hashtag trends
  • Stats to keep your eye on
  • Average monthly searches for “content marketing agency” fell from 5,400 to 1,900
  • 22% more people asked the question: “What is content marketing?”
  • Average monthly searches for “content marketing strategy” fell by 33%
  • “How to create content for affiliate marketing” saw a 366% increase on the previous year
  • B2B and niche industries appear in content-marketing-related trending topics, globally