The Night Sky

gray and black galaxy wallpaper
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The night sky, full with the moon and stars

The night sky, a wondrous work of art

Reminds us of what makes God laugh hard

A Galaxy bound without bars

In the dark, dark clouds, stars sparkle and dazzle

The moon, in its time, startles like Marvel

Such perfect harmony in the sky

bonds us together like day and night

A perfect order we often neglect.


From her window, the widow stares with tears,

crying out her heart for fear of bears.

asking when doves will bring her hopes,

feeling too close to her glowing gloves,

labouring without support or love,

fighting off tough, morphed demons thereof,

she screams without voice, “I know my worth!”

She knows her worth, or that’s what she thought

A helpless woman wishing on the stars.


Man, the monstrous man, trusts on his guts

His beastly grunt stuns and haunts warlords

But the widow fears not his physique

So, with magic, he hypes his mystique

Like Hitler, he must conquer haute whores

He props himself “the Great Mao Zedong’s”

A world filled with cheats and hypocrites

feels nothing, not pity, for her creed

The night sky, her hope and comfort.


Wishing on stars in the dark night sky,

the widow found lights shinning so bright

it lighted up her gloom and ignited

an inner strength she thought had vented

The radiant glow, glory, and flattery

made her vain with a streak of snobbery,

“I know my worth, and it’s what I thought!”

Pain, grief, and loneliness that fade not

were her smoldering fire of liberty