Sylvester Stallone: Stories you never heard about John Rambo and his 3 pretty daughters

Sylvester Stallone once confessed that he “goes Rambo on his daughter’s male friends” if any of those rascals dared pose a threat. But luckily for the protective father, he didn’t have to use those military stunts on anyone at all.

Sylvester, 70, attended the just concluded Golden Globe Awards ceremony in company of his wife, Jennifer Flavin and three daughters.

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During a 2014 interview with Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show”, Rambo explained how he welcomes his daughter’s male friends to their home.

“Wanna date? How about a prune,” he joked after revealing that his daughters – Flavin, Sophia and Sistine – will be heartbreakers because they eat more of fruits than food.

The “Rocky Bilbao” actor said he always told the “bad boys” to apply caution in their behaviors or he would go “Rambo” on them.

Those words were enough of an intimation for anyone who has watched his movies – in case his physical appearance failed.

“I come to the door with a headband on and tell them, ‘I’m coming for you. When you touch them, you touch Rambo!'” he told Leno amid laughs.

Image shows Sylvester Stallon and his daughters on a movie set.

On 13 July, 2012, the muscular actor lost his 36-year-old son named Sage Moonblood Stallon.

John Rambo, as he’s popularly known around the world for his physically demanding roles, has suffered life-threatening injuries in his award-filled career.

To say that Sylvester’s physical appearance is scary, should be considered an understatement. He does unbelievable stunts in movies that make one wonder if he’s human.

Rambo once confessed that the unexpected happened during a hilarious movie stunt with the giant actor Dolph Lundgren.

“Punch me as hard as you can in the chest,” he recalled telling Lundgren on the set of “Rocky IV”.

“Next thing I know, I was in intensive care at St. John’s Hospital for four days. It’s stupid!” John Rambo regretted. It wasn’t that amusing for him at that time as it is right now.

No touching: The Rocky actor told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show Thursday that he says to the boys, 'I'm go coming for you. When you touch them, you touch Rambo'

Sylvester Stallon also broke his neck while acting with professional wrestler Steve Austin in “The Expendables”. Doctors had to insert a metal plate to keep his head up there where it belongs.

John Rambo once broke a finger while trying to save a penalty kick from Pele, the football legend.

Being a “World’s Best Father” surely takes more than the words.

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