Sunak: US pushing for ceasefire in Gaza

Opening Rafah crossing is a priority, says Sunak

Opening the Rafah border crossing is a priority, Rishi Sunak has said. 

The crossing between Egypt and Gaza had been expected to open at some point today to allow humanitarian aid in and some foreign nationals out – as we have been discussing, a large number of lorries are queuing to cross.

But in the last few hours Israel and Hamas have both said no deal has been done on a ceasefire to allow the opening.

We know the US is pushing for this to change – and they’ve been backed by Mr Sunak.

“The humanitarian situation is one which, of course, we’re concerned about and that I’ve raised in all of the calls and interactions I’ve had with other leaders from across the region and in particular making sure that we can try and get the Rafah crossing opened,” the prime minister said. 

“That will ease the humanitarian situation. And that’s why I prioritized speaking with President Sisi of Egypt early on last week to talk about that.”

11 Palestinian journalists killed

Israel has killed 11 Palestinian journalists in airstrikes in Gaza since 7 October, the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate has said.

The news comes after Lebanon’s foreign ministry said it would submit a formal complaint to the UN Security Council over what it called “Israel’s deliberate killing” of a Reuters video journalist on Friday.

Israel launched a missile that hit a civilian car belonging to a media group, the country’s high command said.

Six British people killed and 10 missing, says Sunak

Six British people have been killed in the Israel-Hamas conflict, the prime minister has said. 

A further 10 are missing, he added. 

Rishi Sunak made the announcement while addressing MPs in the House of Commons. 

He said eight flights evacuating more than 500 people have departed Israel so far. 

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