Israeli protesters call for Netanyahu resignation

Scores of people have taken part in a protest calling for Israel’s prime minister to resign. 

Crowds gathered outside the country’s defence ministry in Tel Aviv, shouting for Benjamin Netanyahu to step down. 

The demonstration was reportedly started by a family member of a hostage taken by Hamas. 

The Israeli PM is facing questions about how the country’s intelligence services did not see Hamas’s massive assault coming last Saturday.

For context: Prior to the conflict he’d already been under huge political pressure.

Over the summer, tens of thousands of protesters demonstrated in Tel Aviv and other cities against proposed changes to the judicial system they said could mean a more authoritarian government.

Through this year demonstrators kept up the pressure with weekly rallies against Mr Netanyahu’s government. He returned to power in December at the head of a coalition with ultra-Orthodox Jewish and extreme-right allies.

Airstrikes hit Hamas ‘bases and compound’

Israel has destroyed the headquarters of a Hamas commander, its air force has said.

The operational base headed by Ali Kachi, himself killed a few days ago, was hit alongside “dozens” of other headquarters and mortar launching positions, it said.

“A number” of Hamas’ militants were also killed during a strike on a military compound, the air force said.

The news comes after the IDF said it killed Matez Eid, commander of the southern district of Hamas’s national security wing.

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