Suarez: MSN Are Human Beings And Not Robots.

Luis Suarez has spoken in support of his friend and team-mate, Neymar amid criticisms the Brazilian is facing for Barcelona’s recent slump.

Suarez made it clear that such negative comments against Neymar was unfair; he wants everyone to understand that the MSN ‘isn’t untouchable.’

The Uruguayan made the remarks during his book launch, the proceeds of which goes to charity, and after he scored four goals in La Blaugrana’s 8-0 routing of Deportivo La Coruna. The victory ended their victory drought.

Luis Suarez spoke with AS sport:

“I don’t think [the MSN] is untouchable for the Coach. It’s true we help the team a lot, we play almost all the games but we’re not more than anyone else. When things go wrong we all assume responsibility.

“In recent days the blame has been placed on someone and that’s not the case. We’re not machines, there are ups and downs for all players and the responsibility on Neymar for the past few days has hurt. When we won, no one said it was only down to him.

“It’s a matter of the team. He has feelings and it wasn’t fair he was liable, but in his favour it has to be said he always fights and never gives up.”

Barca is still leading the La Liga table but level on points with Atletico Madrid and one point clear of Real Madrid.

The Spanish giant clubs will have it tough with busier schedules as they still have Champions League matches to play.

“We depend on ourselves and we know it is difficult to make mistakes as our rivals are the best in the League and it’s complicated if they make mistakes, but we can’t let that affect us,” he continued.

“It’s true that they’ll play more games in the Champions League but fatigue in these circumstances won’t affect them. There are times fatigue doesn’t exist.”