How much will it cost Real Madrid to sign Neymar?

Neymar is still on Florentino Perez’s wish list at Real Madrid.

That information came from football agent Wagner Ribeiro, who was involved in transfers for Neymar, Kaka and Robinho, when he spoke to ESPN’s ‘Canal do Nicola’.

Ribeiro worked alongside Neymar in his early years and helped with his move to FC Barcelona.

“We received offers from all over the world,” Ribeiro said of Neymar’s time at Santos.

“We received an official offer from Chelsea when we were in New York, the day Neymar made his debut for Brazil in 2010. We studied the offer but didn’t decide anything. On that occasion, like in many others, we passed it onto Neymar and his father to decide.”

“Later they were offers from Bayern Munich, Juventus – and we even had a meeting in Turin. Real Madrid called me on a number of occasions because Florentino dreamed about signing Neymar.

“I was with him [Florentino] last year, in May, in his office, and he told me then he still dreamed about signing Neymar.”

Ribeiro also revealed that PSG have put a price on Neymar’s head. “It will cost you €164m to sign Neymar today. That price didn’t exist a year ago.” Although the agent admits there won’t be many deals above €50m due to the current coronavirus outbreak.

“He’s a lot better than Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. I’ve never seen Neymar play badly. He always made the difference at Santos, despite getting kicked, as he either scored or assisted. We saw that at both Barcelona and PSG.”

Ribeiro said the right environment was crucial to Neymar at this point in his career. “Barcelona is top of the pile. His best friends are there but he’s also happy at PSG. A footballer must be professional. It’s important he’s in the right atmosphere because money isn’t an issue for him. He wants to be the best player in the world, despite still being quite young.”

Mascherano: Neymar has to play for Barcelona

Javier Mascherano, the former Barcelona player who currently plays at Estudiantes de la Plata, has given his opinion on Neymar’s football career.

The Argentine football icon spoke about Neymar, Lionel Messi and many other issues in an interview with RAC1.

Javier Mascherano and Neymar

Image: Javier Mascherano and Neymar

Talking about Neymar, Mascherano said he would love to see Neymar in Barcelona colors again, adding that this 2019/20 season would have been the best moment.

In his words: “I hope Neymar can return to Barcelona and that they can play together again (Messi, Suarez and Neymar). It would be great for the club, they’re three really good players and it would also be good for all of us, those that could enjoy them on television again.”

Neymar rejects new contract from PSG

Neymar, Barcelona’s prodigal son at PSG

Barca and PSG to complete Neymar deal next summer

Mascherano also described Lionel Messi as exceptional, adding that it was a lifetime opportunity to play alongside the goal-scoring machine.

“I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy him [Messi]. He is incomparable, and having him on your side offers so many guarantees in any competition, against any side, in any game… He’s been spectacular throughout his football career.”

When asked about what critics think of Messi, he said the football legend doesn’t need to demonstrate anything.

“He [Messi] has already done so for 12, 13 years,” Mascherano explained. “He’s the best player in the world by a distance. He has maintained his level for so much time, something no other player’s achieved.

Is Barcelona’s move for Neymar a plot to satisfy Messi?

“Whether he wins a title or not with his country won’t change the fact he’s the best.”

Both Barça and Madrid will fight for the league, if it restarts. Both have dropped more points than they’re used to and for that reason, it’s so close.

“Barça has everything they need to fight for La Liga and the Champions League,” Mascherano added.

Neymar, Barcelona’s prodigal son at PSG

Neymar’s growing pains at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) took a new turn after the footballer was substituted in their 2-0 victory over Lille on Friday.

In response to the unending boos from PSG fans since his request to leave the Parisian club failed last summer—and contrary to the norm in football—Neymar walked straight past his manager Thomas Tuchel and teammates who sat on the substitute bench. His destination was the dressing room.

Although football pundits believe Neymar’s excesses would be dealt with “internally,” considering the already-bad public image and media rumors, Tuchel says the Brazilian star did no wrong.

But Neymar’s return to Paris is creating more problems than expected. Before the match against Lille, Neymar, who was recuperating after suffering an injury, flew down to Madrid in support of his close friend and former teammate Gerard Pique at the Davis Cup tournament.

The Davis Cup was organized by Pique.

Pique and Neymar.jpg

Undated image shows Pique and Neymar

nEYMAR 2.jpg

Tuchel was not happy with Neymar’s decision to jump on a plane for fun instead of focusing on club projects and personal development. And the player’s response when substituted did not show remorse.

Speaking to newsmen on the alleged internal issues between Tuchel and Neymar, the coach said: “What can I do about that? I’m neither his father nor the police.”

The German coach was obviously indifferent to Neymar’s disrespectful behaviors when he, however, included his Brazilian ace in the starting line-up against Lille.  Unfortunately, the player had a somewhat unexciting performance on the field until he was subbed in the 64th minute.

Neymar didn’t feel happy—though his reason remains unclear—when the board went up on the side-lines just after the hour mark, with 10 in red and Kylian Mbappe’s No. 7 with the green. The France international footballer had been sick before the match so it could have been a surprise that both stars needed to share pitch time.

Neymar plodded off the field, gave a hug to the young Frenchman who is also a close friend, and then headed straight down the tunnel to the dressing room. The Brazilian was in no mood to stay on the bench and support his teammates for the final half hour.

Football pundits slammed Neymar for showing off such an insensitive character. Admittedly, it wasn’t the wisest action from a world-class footballer whose decision to re-join Barcelona in the summer angered most local fans. PSG supporters have never stopped whistling his actions since then.

Answering questions from newsmen after Neymar’s unvoiced anger, Tuchel tried to play it down.

‘It’s nothing new in football,’ the coach said of his No. 10. “Many players choose to go directly to the dressing room whereas others may want to stay on the bench.

‘In fact, I didn’t notice what happened because my focus was on the tactical change…Mbappé needed to pass instructions to his teammates and I was watching to see it done…Neymar’s problem, if any, will be discussed internally.’

The German tactician also justified Neymar’s inclusion in the first team, saying: ‘He was out of action for 6 weeks so he is yet to reach his peak…But the time he got on the pitch was reasonable enough for a player like him…It was obvious that he lacked rhythm, precision, as well as the time to be decisive…He just needed to play after 6 weeks.’

PSG will slug it out with Real Madrid in Tuesday’s UEFA Champions League fixture with Zinedine Zidane’s men. By then Neymar’s absence or presence in the selected squad will tell if the alleged rift with Tuchel has been settled—while Barcelona wait to have their prodigal son back at Camp Nou.


Neymar rejects new contract from PSG

Neymar Jr. has turned down the chance to renew his PSG contract which expires in 2022.

The Brazilian does not want to pen a deal until 2025 and instead is thinking about Barcelona.

Neymar is only at PSG still because president Nasser Al-Khelaifi would not let him go to Camp Nou in the summer but staying in Paris is not his priority.

Negotiations between Neymar’s father and PSG started last season, even though the player wants to leave and tried to force his way out. PSG want to tie Neymar down, but Neymar’s dad keeps putting fat demands on the table, making any deal very hard.

At the moment, PSG are trying to renew the spine of their team – Marquinhos, Thiago Silva (on standby as they will only offer a short contract because of his age – 35), Meunier and Verratti, with whom there is a deal already.

Why Neymar is the most hated player in France

Thomas Tuchel has reflected on the situation around Neymar and on the anger that many Paris Saint-Germain fans feel towards the player, following a summer of transfer speculation.

It was made clear in the summer that Neymar wanted out of the French capital and now the fans are angry with him, something Tuchel can sympathize with.

“It’s not a simple situation,” he said in an interview with beIN.

“The fans express themselves and I totally understand it.

“They have the right to express themselves.

“They’re proud of their club and it’s not nice to hear one of your players say week after week that he wants out.

“I’ve told him that we need to face this reality.

“There’s pressure for him to act well and to change opinions.

“Our relationship hasn’t changed.

“I knew he wanted to leave and he knew I was against it, as it didn’t seem like the right time or the right decision to me.

“As a coach, obviously I didn’t want to lose him.

“But, in the end, we both knew the decision wasn’t for him or for me to make.

“So it shouldn’t affect the way we work together.”

Tuchel explained that the decision was one for the directors and he reflected on their stance.

“The club’s position was very clear, that Neymar wasn’t to play until he said he would stay,” the coach revealed.

“That helped me, as I could concentrate on the rest of the group.

“I didn’t have to ask if he’d play or not because the decision was clear and came from upstairs.”

During the interview, the German took the time to make a defence of Neymar.

“He is a really good guy, even if it might seem difficult to believe from the outside,” the coach said.

“I told him ‘you’re with me and I’m not going to leave you’ once it was all over.”

Is Barcelona’s move for Neymar a plot to satisfy Messi?


The alleged rift between Neymar and PSG owners was a factor in Barcelona’s rekindled interest to sign him—but football pundits have uncovered the ulterior motive.

Lionel Messi feels incomplete without Neymar.

According to Marca, Barcelona wants to sign the Brazilian football star to keep their Argentinian talisman happy.

Signing back Neymar from PSG is considered a necessity—not just to satisfy Messi—but to provide a better replacement now that Philippe Coutinho has almost completed a move to German club side Bayern Munich.

The sports tabloid adds that Neymar’s situation is Barca’s major challenge at the moment. Representative of the Spanish football club were in Paris earlier this week for negotiations with PSG owners. Media speculations, however, have it that a deal for the Brazilian ace is “nearly impossible.”

French newspaper Le Parisien said the move for Neymar “isn’t really serious and could be a bluff to keep Messi in a happy mood.”

Messi has been a long-time friend of Neymar even before the latter joined Barcelona. But the Messi-Neymar relationship was short-lived because the Brazilian wanted a Ballon d’Or, which he believed was unattainable within Messi’s shadow. A mega move to France provided an opportunity for individual trophies.

Unfortunately, PSG missed out in the 2018/19 Champions League, however, retaining their dominance in Ligue 1.

Reports from Spanish news outlets say “Messi wants to play alongside his former teammate at Camp Nou.”

Neymar also wants a return to Barcelona and his agents have made it clear that he is no longer comfortable with events at the club. His father insists there must be an agreement between PSG and Barca this summer.

The expected deal would be a complicated one, though, in terms of finances. It is therefore possible that the Catalan giants could try signing Neymar on loan initially. Exchanging players like Ousmane Dembele, Ivan Rakitic and Nelson Semedo in the deal may also provide a better option.

Barca’s loss to Athletic Club in their first 2019/20 La Liga campaign shows there are problems in the dressing room—and this may not be far-fetched from Neymar’s return saga. Without speculations on Messi’s interest in the deal, their defeat highlights the need for tested-and-proved legs to strengthen the attack. So, Messi might not be the only one asking for Neymar’s return.

Neymar very close to joining Barcelona

Barcelona are more optimistic about their chances of signing Neymar, even if they maintain that a move from Paris Saint-Germain remains complicated.

A Blaugrana delegation that included Eric Abidal traveled to Paris on Tuesday to meet with the PSG directors and to try to unblock the Brazilian’s move to the LaLiga Santander champions.

Although such a transfer could still take days to materialise, Barcelona remain confident that they could seal a deal with the French side.

Barcelona are eager to include Philippe Coutinho in a deal to bring Neymarback to the Camp Nou in order to reduce the cost of a transfer that would cost more than 200 million euros.

That’s despite the fact that PSG would prefer payment strictly in cash.

Although Josep Maria Bartomeu didn’t participate in Tuesday’s meeting in Paris, he is expected to come across the PSG directors during the European Club Association’s conference in London on Thursday.

For now, though, those at the Camp Nou are at least less pessimistic than they were.

They believe they moved a little bit closer to signing Neymar thanks to Tuesday’s meeting.

Ousmane Dembele, a key factor in Neymar’s possible move to Barcelona

It’s no secret that Neymar is on the market this summer and Paris Saint-Germain have made it clear that the Brazilian is available to anyone who can come up with an attractive enough offer, one which could be possible thanks to Bayern Munich and Ousmane Dembele.

The ball is in Barcelona’s court, but it’s a move that is difficult on a financial level due to the fact that PSG spent over 220 million euros on Neymar just two years ago.

Recent days have seen a number of offers reported, with players like Philippe Coutinho, Dembele, Ivan Rakitic and Samuel Umtiti reportedly offered as makeweights.

In truth, there has been no concrete offer from Barcelona, but they’re trying to find a solution that appeals to the Parisians and it seems as though Dembele is the key that can unlock the whole operation, and this is where Bayern Munichcome into play.

A lot has been said of Dembele featuring as a bargaining tool in exchange for the Brazilian, but this isn’t feasible.

PSG aren’t interested in the forward and he doesn’t have the best relationship with Tuchel.

But Bayern could open a door as they need a wide forward for next season and, while Leroy Sane was their priority, negotiations for the German have stalled and he is set to stay put in Manchester.

The Bavarian club have acknowledged that Dembele is one of the players they’re considering, but nothing has happened yet as the Catalans had declared him as untouchable.

That declaration came in a meeting with the player’s agent earlier this summer, but circumstances have changed and, with Neymar on offer, they’re willing to bend their stance to re-sign their former forward.

Coutinho and Malcom are others who could be moved on and there’s no doubting that Barcelona are happy to sell either for a reasonable fee.

As things stand, though, there’s nothing in progress other than smaller operations for Rafinha or Marc Cucurella.

While a number of players have been linked with exits, Dembele’s future is where the attention is focused as he holds the keys to Neymar’s future.

Neymar’s fate at PSG to be decided in few weeks

Paris Saint-Germain stunned the footballing world when they hinted that Neymar could leave the club this summer, yet despite the fact the Parisian club are asking for a monumental fee for the Brazilian, he is awaiting news on his future in the coming two or three weeks.

Barcelona have been the club closest linked to a summer move for their former star, although from an economic standpoint it seems like a difficult deal to complete after already signing Frenkie de Jong and Antoine Griezmann.

French newspaper, Le Parisien, has stated that Neymar’s entourage are hopeful of news about his future in two or three weeks.

Aside from this speculation, Neymar has now joined up with PSG’s squad for pre-season training and the club has already shared an image of him working with Kylian Mbappe.

Los Cules continue to search for a way in which they can structure a deal for Neymar, especially with the respective futures of Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele unclear, yet this is likely to take a significant period of time.

UEFA to charge Neymar over negative referee comments

UEFA is looking into a case with Neymar after the Paris Saint-Germain forward angrily reacted to his side’s Champions League elimination to Manchester United on Instagram.

Neymar criticized the refereeing performance of Damir Skomina, the Slovenian match official who awarded the English side a controversial penalty in stoppage-time.

Marcus Rashford converted the spot-kick to send United through on away goals.

“It’s a disgrace,” Neymar wrote on Instagram, coupled with a photo of the Presnel Kimpembe penalty incident.

“They even put four people who don’t understand football watching the incident in slow motion. This is unreal!” The Brazil international footballer continued.

“How can [Kimpembe] use his hand with his back [to the ball]?

“Ah fu*k off.”

UEFA have now opened disciplinary proceedings against Neymar for “insulting/molesting acts match officials”.The case will be dealt with by the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body with the date of the hearing yet to be confirmed

After CL exit, Real Madrid and PSG may consider swapping Neymar and Mbappe

Paris Saint-Germain’s latest Champions League failure could spark major departures.

For the second straight year, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé have seen their hopes of challenging for Europe’s top club title dashed – and this latest continental disappointment is likely to boost Real Madrid’s chances of securing the services of either one or both of the stars.

Madrid pursued Neymar without success last year, and two summers ago offered Monaco as much as 235m euros in their attempts to sign Mbappé, 20, who finally opted for PSG.

Los Blancos are now planning a major overhaul at the end of the season, and both players [Neymar and Mbappe] are at the top of club president Florentino Pérez’s list of candidates to lead the LaLiga giants’ revamped side.

Neymar and Mbappé arrived at PSG in 2017 with the clear objective of helping the Ligue 1 club to their first ever Champions League triumph. The Parisians forked out a world-record 222m euros to buy the Brazilian from Barcelona, and paid a further 180m euros to snare the Frenchman, in a 400m-euro investment that has failed to steer the side beyond the competition’s last-16 stage.

With chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s project once again coming up short, it is thought PSG could well consider taking its first-team strategy in a new direction.

Both stars are open to future Madrid moves

In recent days, Neymar has openly flirted with Madrid, refusing to rule out a future move to the Bernabéu, and PSG’s Champions League exit to Manchester United might just make that happen sooner rather than later. “Real Madrid are one of the biggest clubs in the world and any player would want to play there,” he said ahead of his side’s European elimination. “I’m happy in Paris, I’m really good, but nobody knows the future.”

Meanwhile, pulling on the white shirt one day is a dream of Mbappé’s. Wednesday’s defeat could see that become a reality ahead of schedule.

Messi prays for Neymar


Neymar and Messi.jpg

Lionel Messi admits it would be exciting to see former teammate and close friend Neymar Jr. back at Camp Nou, but adds that the Brazilian would find it difficult to leave Paris-Saint Germain.

Speaking of the “complicated-but-possible” return to Barcelona, Messi said his Brazilian friend is an invaluable asset to PSG, and for this reason, will not gain approval to leave the Parisian club.

Late in August 2017, Neymar sealed a world-record €222 million move from Barcelona to PSG, having spent four memorable seasons with the Spanish giants. The 26-year-old won a Champions League trophy and 2 La Liga titles with the champions until a desire to step out of Messi’s shadow prompted an unexpected exit from Camp Nou.

There are, however, speculations in the media that Neymar could return to Barca together with Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola.

According to, Messi’s teammate Arthur, who joined Barcelona last summer, said Messi has been making “making supplications” for the rumors to become reality.

‘I don’t think media reports on Neymar’s return to Barca is real,’ Messi told Marca.

‘This is complicated even though we would love it to happen…He [Neymar] is influential on the pitch and even in the locker room.

‘He’s my friend and we’ve shared memorable times together. However, I find it difficult to believe he can leave PSG…They won’t let him get away easily.’

Why Neymar was omitted from the 2018 Best FIFA Football Awards


Neymar was omitted among a 10-man list for the 2018 FIFA Best Footballer Award and his absence, though a huge surprise to many adoring fans, has been overshadowed by new additions to the big names.

Portugal international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and his Argentine rival Lionel Messi are largely familiar names on the list, including Kylian Mbappe, who won the Young Player Award at Russia 2018.

French World Cup winners – Antoine Griezmann and Raphael Varane – made the FIFA Best Men’s Award list together with Croatian superstar Luka Modric. Zinedine Zidane was selected for the Men’s Coach Award.

Ronaldo and Messi won the first two editions in 2016 and 2017.

Despite scoring 28 goals and recording 16 assists in 30 games for Paris Saint-Germain in the 2017/18 season, Neymar’s exclusion from the FIFA Men’s Award list was necessitated by a disappointing injury that forced him out competitions a few weeks before the World Cup. Brazil’s poor outing in Russia also contributed to his overall rating.

Luka Modric, the Croatian captain who was named Best Player at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and the break-out star, Kylian Mbappe, are expected to break the duopoly held by Messi and Ronaldo at this year’s prestigious football event.

Belgian duo of Kevin de Bruyne and Eden Hazard are other big names in the list, including England striker Harry Kane and Mohamed Salah of Egypt.

Zlatko Dalic (Croatia), Gareth Southgate (England) and Roberto Martinez (Belgium) were also recognized for their remarkable achievements as managers of their respective national teams.

Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp is among the list of football managers contending for the 2018 Best Coach Award.

Brazil fans feared for Neymar against Switzerland

In yet another World Cup shocker, Switzerland held Brazil to a 1-1 draw on Sunday, but the biggest scare for every supporter of the South American team was Neymar’s health.


Neymar was fouled 10 times by Swiss defenders who blatantly ignored the PSG star’s recent injuries and the widely publicized physical treatments he received to stay fit for the 2018 World Cup.

In their pre-match conference, the duo of Vladimir Petkovic and Stephan Lichtsteiner expressed fear that Neymar would be unstoppable, yet, they found a way to cut him down with group marking.

Valon Behrami got a first kiss on the Brazil playmaker, then Granit Xhaka followed up with an attempt to strip him of the yellow jersey. Lichtsteiner also clawed at Neymar’s face in desperate attempt to grab his shirt.

While football analysts see nothing wrong in the defenders’ effort to ward off threats from a skilful individual player like Neymar, their recurring body contacts increased to a ridiculous level by the second half.

Neymar 2.jpg

The officiating referee Cesar Ramos was slammed for failing to apply proper punishments against Swiss defenders at Rostov Arena after images from the cameras showed proofs of stud-holes on Neymar’s socks.

Except Alan Shearer, who was fouled 11 times, against Tunisia at France 1998, no other player has had such experience at the World Cup until last Sunday. Luckily for Brazil, their star player sustained no serious injuries.

While Neymar called on World Cup referees to improve on their officiating, with claims that Brazil player Miranda was fouled as Switzerland grabbed an equalizer, Tite, coach of the Selecao, says the goal should have been ruled out.

“I believe it was a foul,” the Brazil coach told reporters. “It is better understood when you see the moment on replay…FIFA had four officials to rectify such controversial goals. They have their jobs to do so I am not supposed to talk about it.”

He continued, “The match should have been a win. We didn’t deserve a draw but there’s room for improvement…”

 “I was hit and it was aching,” Neymar said of the vicious attacks.

“It’s nothing to worry about…The pain gets stronger when your body cools off after the game but that’s OK.”

Why Neymar can’t leave PSG now

Since his outrageous $262 million switch from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar has netted 19 goals with 13 assists in 20 games but his future in France remains a doubt following a serious injury he suffered earlier this year and Real Madrid’s growing interest to relaunch him in the Spanish league.


Image: Neymar

Unai Emery, coach of the Ligue 1 side, told Cadena Ser radio on Friday that under no circumstance will PSG sell the famous footballer who is key to their rebuilding project.

His words, “I think he [Neymar] is going to stay at PSG because it’s a solid project.

“Their was an agreement between Neymar and PSG…The club opted for him and he chose them, so they will give continuity to this project.

“I’m not sure how long Neymar will stay at Parc des Princes because nothing is permanent in football these days but I know he will be in France next season…I think that’s the fairest thing for PSG and for Neymar.”

Neymar underwent surgery on a fractured metatarsal in March and is currently focused on featuring for Brazil and the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Earlier reports confirmed the former Santos FC player will not play for PSG until the global football tournament ends in July, and Ronaldo de Lima, the retired Brazil football icon, recently sparked exit rumors when he raised concerns that Neymar isn’t happy at the Parisian club.

Neymar squashed rumors in the media that he was set to leave PSG, referring to the speculations about his future as “annoying.”

The Brazilian football star, however, trained with his team-mates at the Parc des Princes on Thursday, spreading positive news on his current fitness level and highlighting the possibility that he will proudly join team Brazil in Russia. He ditched his crutches few weeks ago.

“Everything about Neymar has been exaggerated in the media this season,” Emery said, describing the Ballon d’Or nominee as someone who hardly responds to speculations.

“He [Neymar] said in the past that he is tired of the lies that were being told. He said that against last Sunday and there’s no need for me assume responsibilities as his spokesman, but I think it’s best to listen to him.”

Football pundits believe there’s a hidden motive to Neymar’s arrival at Parc des Princes and his decision to train with PSG.

Unai Emery was behind the world record transfer fee (€222m) paid to Barca last summer, and the coach is supervising his last match on Saturday against Caen, a probable reason his most-prized asset and Ligue 1 Player of the Year had to show up.

PSG took to social media for a post showing Neymar in training with his colleagues although it is highly unlikely that the 26-year-old will feature against Caen. His aspiration is to regain full fitness for Brazil’s pre-tournament friendly against Croatia at Anfield on 3 June.

The Qatari-owned club has made it clear that Neymar must choose between playing next season or staying in Paris and not playing football at all.

A source told Arab News that Neymar and his father have been courted by Florentino Perez to join Madrid, and the footballer is reportedly desperate for the move.

Neymar 1.jpg

Image: Neymar

“Qatar will not gamble with its high-profile and expensive acquisition for the project it designed to secure the club’s first Champions League,” PSG sources said.

Since the former Barca player arrived Parc des Princes, Emery and the club management spent much of the season trying to placate the Brazil international. For example, club president Nasser Al-Khelaifi and sporting director Antero Henrique flew to South America in March to meet Neymar and his father for discussions on how the club could keep the pair happy, and talks between the two camps included asking for Neymar’s opinion on who should replace Unai Emery as PSG coach, said a source close to the player.

Neymar has reportedly complained about coach Emery’s football tactics, human resource management and refusal to allow him to skip certain matches. On more than one occasion, the Brazilian striker unilaterally declared himself unfit to play. The 26-year-old has also been involved in a supremacy battle with Edison Cavani, who was the club’s penalty and free-kick taker.

Against the odds, Al-Khelaifi insists Neymar will be “2,000 per cent” fit to play for PSG next season.

Lionel Messi told TyC Sports it would be “terrible” if the former Barca man switched to Madrid.

Emery admitted on Friday that it had been a pleasure to coach Neymar. His words, “I’ve really enjoyed myself having a footballer of his caliber…He is an extraordinary player but also a great person with a big heart.

“I remember the first training session and even though there is a very high level at PSG, we were all amazed. I’ve been delighted with him.”

Barcelona director Javier Bordas recently said Neymar has been unhappy since leaving Camp Nou.

“Neymar can sign for anyone,” the Barca director said in collaboration to comments from Brazil great, Ronaldo de Lima. “For me, personally, I’m not dreaming of Neymar signing for Real Madrid…It seems as if he’s not happy in Paris, we figured as much. 

“In Barcelona he was doing well and Neymar regrets having left [for PSG].”