3-Year-Old Survives Fall From 15th Floor.

In yet another miraculous fall in China, a boy aged 3 survived a heart-stopping crash from the 15th floor of a high-rise building.


He fell off from a window in the apartment in Changzhou, Jiangsu province last Monday.

The boy, named Qiqi, landed on his face but miraculously survived despite multiple fractures sustained.

He was quickly taken in by emergency services for an intensive care and is currently responding positively to treatments. Reports from the hospital say he’s improving but not out of danger yet.

The fall looked like it was on an angel’s wings. A hard concrete floor was barely 15 centimeters from where the boy landed.


Qiqi’s parents were in the middle of renovating their newly purchased apartment on the 15th floor of a residential building when the accident occurred. The couple had installed burglary-proof windows in the balcony to ensure safety of lives and property, especially for the little boy’s sake.

Unfortunately, the workers had to remove the older iron bars used in the apartment so they could fix the new ones.

The young boy was warned to stay away from the balcony but kids will always be kids, the mother didn’t worry much about that. She went into the kitchen to prepare lunch for the family and workers but that was exactly when the devil came calling. If only she knew.

Unable to resist his curiosity, Qiqi had approached the balcony window and fell from the 15th floor apartment.


The boy’s mother actually witnessed his fall, but she was not able to do anything. She could only rush downstairs after her son was already on the ground.

When she got to the spot, the boy wasn’t there though she saw a pool of blood. Coincidentally, during the fall, a security man was patrolling near the building and had witnessed the tragic moment.

The guard confessed he saw the boy land on his face before rushing to turn him over. Luckily the boy was still conscious but bleeding and crying so he rushed him to a nearby hospital.


Qiqi sustained multiple fractures, including his skull, ribs, right femoral shaft and left pneumo thorax as doctors said. He also had pulmonary contusions and liver lacerations.

According to the boy’s mother, luck smiled on the family because his fall was slowed by a clothes hanger outside a window on the seventh floor.