SO-HUMILIATING: Company rejects an Applicant with a “Laughing Emoji” text

A teenager who was rejected for a waitress job has blasted the restaurant chain for humiliating her with a laughing emoji in their rejection text.

Teen Megan blasted restaurant chain for mocking her with a laughing emoji in a text rejecting her for a job

Image: Megan Dixon

Megan Dixon, 18, received a message saying “It’s a no.” A closer look confirmed the text was from Miller & Carter Steakhouse, the UK company where she just attended an interview.

A heartbroken Megan asked to know why she was rejected for the part-time waitress job, but that was when things went awry.

She was made an object of mockery with further replies which described her as “basic” and more. The response from Miller & Carter ended with a laugh-cry emoji, according to a report from The Sun. All these happened in just a minute after she left the company.

Ms Megan told the UK news outlet that she was interviewed by an Assistant Manager at the steakhouse named Shantel Wesson.

Megan Dixon, 18, was sent a message saying “it’s a no” moments after her interview with Miller and Carter

Image: Megan Dixon

The 18-year-old jobseeker said: “It was so rude. At the end of the interview, I asked when I would hear back. She told me it was never more than a few days and she had my email. But I got the texts a few seconds after leaving.

“I was shocked,” she adds.

“The least she should have given me was some proper feedback. And the laughing face emoji was so unprofessional. It was a really bitchy thing to do.”

Here’s A Copy Of The Communication:

Megan Dixon, 18, tweeted a screenshot of the message and contacted the Miller and Carter Twitter account. Picture: Twitter/@megrdixon

Steakhouse branch’s assistant manager Shantel sent text with laughing emoji

Image shows the steakhouse manager who sent the text message.

“She didn’t even shake my hand, didn’t have my CV out and was just sat drinking a coffee. Maybe because I’m 18 she thinks it’s OK not to be professional with me? I don’t know,” Megan regrettably added.

A spokeswoman for the branch said: ‘The texts were sent in error and were intended for our manager’

The steakhouse company reportedly advertised 50 jobs at their branch in Enderby, Leicestershire, so Ms Megan applied for a position hoping she could earn some cash and support herself.

Sadly, that embarrassment was what she got from the employer.

A-levels student Megan wanted to earn some extra cash for college

Shantel refused to comment but a Miller and Carter spokeswoman said: “We can’t apologize enough to Megan.

“It was never our intention to be disrespectful or upset her in any way. The texts were sent in error and were intended for our manager, not the candidate.”

The rep assured that this embarrassing situation would be taken “extremely seriously” and thoroughly investigated.