Lotto Winner who blew $1.6 Million in luxury has been arrested for petty theft

Nathan Hageman had just proposed to his girlfriend Jane Makepeace three weeks before he won $1.6 million in  a British TV lotto but the overnight millionaire threw her out of their penthouse shortly after she helped squander a big part of the cash.

Nathan Hageman leaves ITV’s London studios with former fiancee Jane Makepeace following a guest appearance on the ‘This Morning’ show. Picture: Simon Earl / Splash News

Image shows the couple – Makepeace and Hageman – after he won $1.6 million cash prize following an appearance on the ‘This Morning Show.’

The “Red and Black” Lotto winner gave his fiancee at a total of £60 and asked her to clear off from his luxury home after they’ve spent three years together as a couple and only a few weeks as “millionaires.”

He said she’s “just a money-grabber,” after asking her to leave but there’s a clever reason for that.

Hageman has been calling her “ugly, fat, scrounging tramp,” since their separation.

The scorned woman revealed that Hageman was previously charged for assaulting a woman, but the government let him keep his lotto prize.

He was accused of battering his ex-girlfriend Amy Edwards in 2006 and handed a 5-year sentence after serving two and a half year.

Despite the conviction, Jane stayed in love with him until he proposed after becoming a millionaire in 2012, and they agreed to sign a prenuptial agreement. They got back together in 2009, just two days after his prison sentence.

“I thought he had done his time and deserved another chance,” said Jane, from Reading, Berks. “He was really charming and considerate.”

However, the young man changed his mind three weeks later and threw her out.

Jane told Daily Mirror at the time he shot to limelight that she feared her ex-boyfriend was going out of control.

“I thought the money would make Nathan a better person because he wouldn’t have to struggle to get by,” said Jane at the time in 2012. “But it has just made him worse than ever.”

The lotto winner spent one sixth of the prize money on luxury cars, an exotic holiday, ­designer clothes and partying within just 7 weeks.

Hageman, a former builder, has been caught for stealing after blowing a whooping $1.6 million.

The accused allegedly broke into a neighbor’s home and stole $13,000 from a safe.

Although he pleaded not guilty to the charges, his mate, Nathan Taylor, has attested to burglary and converting a stolen property in relation to the criminal act.

At a court hearing on 8 February, 2017, jurors were told that Hageman’s distinctive tattoo was visible on the backside of one of the two men who were captured on CCTV climbing through a ladder into the Berkshire home.

The accused builder was contracted to install a new bathroom at a lady’s property prior to his late night raid.

He spent 2,000 pounds from the stolen money on a Mazda sports car within 24 hours.

Miss Varley, who owns the home, told police she returned and discovered that her safe was missing.

“You can’t see it very well but there is a tattoo on the man at the top of the ladder’s bottom,” Prosecutor John Evison said.

“It looks suspiciously like the one on Mr Hageman’s right bottom.”

The prosecutor said Hageman and his partner-in-crime apparently knew where the CCTV was, and carefully avoided it.

“Inside the premises you can see the defendant taking away the safe but it is not possible to see their faces,” said the investigator.

Hageman was made famous in 2011 following his success on Simon Cowell’s roulette game show titled “Red or Black.” The show was hosted by Ant and Dec with over 8 million viewers.

After the historical lotto win, Hageman vowed to the public that he’d use his cash to start a new life, revealing that his troubled past was as a result of being homeless at the age of 11.

Media reports confirm his promises were short-lived. In 2014, he spent another 4 months behind bars after abusing a woman with 400 text messages in a period of 48 hours.

Jane told reporters shortly after she was jilted that her boyfriend blew the lotto cash on a£65,000-worth souped up Range Rover, a Peugeot, a BMW, an Armani watch and a 10-day holiday in Cuba in a matter of weeks.

In her testimony against Hageman, she said: “When Nathan gets angry, he curls his index finger and bites hard on it. That’s how you know he’s wound up.

“The first time he hurt me was in June 2009. We were walking from pub to pub arguing and he bit me on the cheek, just under my right eye. It was bruised for a couple of days but I covered it with make-up,” said Jane.

She revealed they’ve always had issues in their relationship, revealing that he even proposed shortly before the “Red or Black” show but later pawned the engagement ring after a misunderstanding.

“I’d spent my last bit of money buying him a £3 T-shirt and £15 chinos from Primark (for the life-changing travel to Wembley),” Jane confessed. “Then I had to sit in the audience with his family, who I didn’t get on with. It was very awkward.

Hageman started his spending spree immediately after the win long before they traveled to Cuba.

“We booked a table at a restaurant and spent £150 on a meal with Laurent Perrier champagne,” she said.

“The next day, Nathan woke up and said, ‘I want to buy my mum a car.’ He went straight out to buy her a £6,000, second-hand Peugeot 207. I chose a black Range Rover.

“We then booked a 10-day holiday to Cuba for £1,900. I thought he was going too fast, but I was swept up in it all.”

Having bought a Range Rover for his fiancee, Hageman then bought a £25,000 Porsche Boxster for himself. Later, his brother got an £18,000 BMW 3-series.

“Every day we’d hit the shops,” Jane adds. “He bought Prada sunglasses, Diesel jeans, a Barbour jacket, watches, rings and bracelets. Every night we would stay at a hotel. It was quite ­draining.

“We were also talking about getting married, but his family wanted me to sign a pre-nup. He said, ‘If you’re not after my money, you’ll be more than happy to sign it.’ I said, ‘Of course I’ll sign it. I’ve been with you for two years and nine months, and you’ve been a millionaire for three weeks. How does that make me a money grabber?'”

The trial at Reading Crown Court continues.

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