Snoop Dogg names his favorite Video Game, says his Daughter is also an Addict

Snoop Dogg, professionally known as Snoop Doggy Dogg and Snoop Lion, celebrated his birthday on the 20th of October. The 45-year-old rapper from Long Beach, California, revealed recently that he’s a die-hard fan of video games but not the one you must be guessing.

You could be right if you knew Snoopzilla as a former West Coast gangster.

Though those days are gone, the father-of-three says he’s crazy about Call of Duty.

Snoop [real names Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr.] said: “I love the game, I’ve been a fan of the game for a long time.

“I was always a fan of it. And then I love the fact that this game brings people from all walks of life together to celebrate gaming, having fun and competing.”

The famous rapper who was Tupac Shakur‘s bestie many years before the music icon’s death, began his career in 1992.

Snoop Dogg was identified as a talent by Dr. Dre of the defunct N.W.A.

With over twenty-three million albums sold in the United States, and thirty-five million albums sold worldwide, Snoop remains one of the best rappers the world will ever see.

According to a report from Carly Milne, the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper was asked if he has concerns with the level of violence in his most loved video game Call of Duty. And his response?

“I f***ing love it,” he said, shaking his head in admiration.

He continues: “I f***ing love the violence in the game! You know, it’s crazy when I walk by my daughter’s room and I hear her playing the game, and I see how she enjoys it.

“It’s a game! You know what I’m saying? It’s fun!

“What people gotta understand is that when we create visual pieces like this that are video games, let’s not put too much thought into what it is and what it’s not. It’s a game that you can play to let off some steam and have some fun, to be in a group with other people, and to unite around the world.

“There are so many groups of people who get together who never would’ve met each other if it wasn’t for this game.”

Snoop Dogg revealed he’s addicted to the video game with amazing graphics, adding that he “keeps coming back for more”.

The rapper admits that he has, at a point, played the game for up to seven hours non-stop.

In his words: “…Just nonstop, online, getting killed, killing, grouping up, talking s*** … you know, because that’s what it’s all about.”

He adds that talking thrash as the action and violence unfold, makes “Call of Duty” a very beautiful game.

“It’s the No. 1 part of a game like this — you have to have conversation, because your demonstration may not be there,” he explains.

“Sometimes conversation beats demonstration. So I like a little bit of both. And I like group s***-talking. I start it, he continues, he goes, and you don’t get a word in, and we done f***ed you up and hit you upside the head, and then we done killed you. And then we’re celebrating.”

Now, ain’t that funny for a 45-year-old?

Image: Snoop Doggy Dogg

This one is for newbies in the game, Snoop adds. The Dogg Father gave out these useful tips to help you get high up his level while you face dangerous enemies in the game.

“Listen. Don’t say much, just listen,” he advised.

“You want to observe, you want to watch, you want to gauge the temperature of the people that you’re playing and see what the environment is. But more than likely they’re going to tell you straight up as soon as you get in there, what it is. Because this game is active. It’s a conversational piece as well. It’s not just like you get on the game and just play — it’s like you have to say something. It forces you to say something.”

True confession from an honest game player. Snoop reveals one thing that keeps him calm while playing the game he loves most -and that’s weed, of course.

“My vision is blurry if I don’t smoke,” he boldly insists.

“I can’t see these motherf***ers coming from behind. You know, my night vision ain’t what it’s supposed to be unless I got my right vision,” he rhymes for your listening.

Please check with your local police before getting high for Call of Duty. Unless you live in one of the very few marijuana-free zones.

Snoop Doggy Dogg has been nominated for a record-breaking 17 Grammy Awards but he is yet to win one.

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