Should bloggers update old articles on their websites?

Some things like art become better with time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always apply to articles.
That said, to continue to bring results and rank high, your content requires constant updates. Many industry experts say they receive impressive results when renewing their content. For instance, that’s what you can also get.
1. Better click-through rates
Well, by updating your content you update the date as well. And people prefer to read the freshest articles possible. Plus, you can improve your title and meta description to fit the current trends.
2. Better user experience
The competition is tough. Your content should be on-point. By renewing your article you can fix grammatical errors, update visuals. Plus you can optimize your post with more relevant keywords.
3. Higher ranks from Google
It’s not only readers who react to fresher dates. Google loves up-to-date content. So, you can create a new date for your post or just update the date in WordPress if you use it.
4. Fixing links
What can be more frustrating than linking to non-existing or wrong pages? Updating older content lets you fix broken links. Plus, you can link to more actual and helpful sources. That makes your content more valuable from Google’s perspective.
5. Product reviews
Google looks at your entire site to see your most recent updates. By renewing older content, you set a certain frequency to Google. Google will learn this frequency and crawl your site more often. That may result in the most recent information showing up in search results after publishing.
This way, if you want to boost your SEO and get higher rankings, look no further than this. Content update is a powerful tactic then requires not that much effort but brings stunning results.
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