Shawty Lo Crash: Female Survivors identified; Daughter blasts Autopsy on Painkillers

Carlos “Shawty Lo” Walker, the Atlanta rapper who died last month from a car crash, was said to have painkillers at the time of his death. An autopsy report from the Fulton County Medical Examiner, which was released by police, says his body oozed of alcohol. But his daughter if buying none of that.

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Image: Shawty Lo

The rapper reportedly left Blue Flame Lounge, a popular strip club in the area, and was riding with two female occupants before the accident.

Shawty Lo, 40, was ejected from his 2016 Audi A7 car and he died on the spot but the other female occupants of the vehicle survived.

The girls who have been identified as Deshondria and Destini told investigators “they were pleading with (Walker) to slow down but he would not”, wrote.

Shawty Lo, a father to 11 children, was not wearing his seat belt before the accident.

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“The two females stated that the Decedent exited on the Cascade Road exit ramp and somehow went behind the guardrail onto the grass and then down the embankment,” the autopsy report reads.

“The Decedent lost control of the vehicle as the car hit the grass and began to fishtail before flipping over, crashing and catching fire. It appears that some of the vehicle’s content burned in the fire and some of the content came out of the vehicle and is spread about the general area.”

An earlier report quotes the police as claiming that the two passengers requested permission from cops at the scene to allow them take cash from the deceased, and they left behind only $16 in his pocket.

The D4L founder died of blunt force trauma, the autopsy stated.

He was best known for his solo debut single “Dey Know

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Ushers display a prayer shawl before presenting it to Shawty Lo's mother at the Saturday funeral service. Photo: Jennifer Brett

Meanwhile, the rapper’s daughter has taken to social media in defense of the news. She posted a video on Instagram, saying: “All these folk all up in our family business. Like, what does it matter if my dad did have some pills in his car. That’s none of y’all business.”

She advised: “Anybody a fool if they believe that – how the police allowed them to take his money and all this…All I can say is, everyone mine their own freakin’ business.”

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