Katy Perry and other Celebrities react to America’s last Presidential Debate

It was a war of both worlds between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as usual. No one expected anything different from the arch rivals during America’s last presidential debate on Wednesday.

The Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton started off as sworn enemies, without handshakes or hugs. They never even met for greetings before the debate kicked off, reports confirm.

Both politicians took to the center stage and settled in for a fight, exactly what was expected.

While Mr Trump and Mrs Hillary battled for posterity on issued bordering immigration, abortion, and procedures for appointing the country’s next Supreme Court justices, celebrities kept themselves busy on Twitter. And Katy Perry took the leadership position on social media, with Kim Kardashian missing in action.

I love when she lays out the rules like the boss she is #debates

— KATY PERRY (@katyperry) October 20, 2016


Si señorita https://t.co/JTMA1S4ZpL

Bad hombres? — #debatenight

“Bigly”? —— #debatenight

This from a guy who went bankrupt 6 times. Spare me.

Debate Game; Will Trump say Tremendous or Disaster more times?

I can’t watch AFTER what he just said ” you Can take a baby a RIP the baby out of a womb”?F he mean?..He’s NEVER had a baby inside of him#NO

He’s just sniffed again.

Ready for the debate tonight!! The big decision tonight… glass or bottle? —#ImWithHer pic.twitter.com/dJBvcuJujn

They’re letting Hillary talk – its rigged!!

“The constitution the way it was meant” according to a dood named Tommy Jefferson it was meant to absolutely change with the times

A man that thinks a woman should be punished for making a decision about her OWN body is NOT a presidential candidate.

Bigly is back bigly.

I’m ready to be led by a woman. Her turn.

Donald Trump loves #mansplaining


i cant wait for @hillaryclinton to just be our new president already so we can all forget this trump nightmare ever happened #debatenight

——–“Tense as a voyeur, child, we all leaned in. Each one heard to themselves the great and terrible f**kery of the world. Joyless” #debates

Dear Christians we don’t have to agree with each other we MUST agree with God no matter who you vote for GOD IS IN CONTROL we must NOT FEAR!

So terrifying he keeps inferring that he, #Trump will not accept the results of the election. How dare he!?? #algore did! And too damn bad!

I’m watching this debate the way I would a drunk, irrational uncle during the holidays: just enough to make sure he doesn’t break anything

Trump just interrupted Hillary, mid-sentence, and said #SuchANastyWoman. —#debate

I never realized Hillary was the emperor of the world for the last 30 years, solely responsible for every bad thing that ever happened. Hmm.

At the same time, he wants to keep us in “suspense” about him accepting election results. Unstable.

With that “lots of luck” comment, I think Trump just admitted that he knows Hillary will be the next President.

Is this a rerun? #DebateNight

“It’s rigged.”

Translated: I’m going to lose so if I say you cheated now, I won’t look crazy later.#debatenight

Trump’s two biggest areas of knowledge: debt and entitlement. #debate

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