Sex experts explain why you should stop having sex, how to know if your partner is cheating

couple having sex and using smartphone

A sex expert is encouraging people to stop having sex, in order to achieve more pleasure through “mind orgasms” and improve intimacy.

Karolin Tsarski studies tantra and believes you can achieve great things without any physical touch at all.

“Focus on intimacy, focus on pleasure, don’t focus on the goal of reaching the penetration or orgasm,” she explained on This Morning.

“Just enjoy, and then you can expand. We have a very limited way of how we think of sex.”

Another scientist named Macken Murphy revealed signs your partner is cheating, and why they do it.

Murphy, 25, studies cognitive and evolutionary anthropology at Oxford University and said being over-protective of phones, or a sudden interest in appearance could be tell-tale signs, as well as having a family history of cheating.

“If you notice that your partner is suddenly investing in their looks, well, that is one indicator that if it is a new behaviour, it might also be for a new person” he warns.