Selena Gomez Reveals Her Kind Of Guy, Says She’s Still Searching.

Image: Selena Gomez and ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez broke the heart of many young girls of her age when she fell in love with fellow kid star Justin Bieber years ago, and they paid her back with hate. It’s arguable that their curses caused her 2014 split from the Canadian-born singer.

Haters called her some unprintable names even as she mourned her love because they still can’t understand it wasn’t her fault.

Bieber was accused of cheating with a student named Mylin Jenson in 2012 but she forgave him and got over it.

Selena tried to make things work, Bieber probably tried in his own little way, too.

However, both realized at some point that it was sensible to part ways but while the “Let Me Love You” singer moved on with her life, our beloved Bieber almost cracked up.

The 24-year-old beautiful singer isn’t anymore that little girl who would cry her eyes out hoping her kind of guy would step up with “a fairy-like love game”. She wants a real guy who won’t mess around with them other girls.

According to Inquisitr, Selena Gomez showed up on an episode of James Corden’s immensely popular Carpool Karaoke on June 20, crying Lord please give me a lover. Well not exactly in those desperate words, but close.

The report also quotes ET : “She [Selena] asked Corden to please find her a boyfriend — and she had asked not once, but twice”.

Gomez is ready right here and now but guess what, she isn’t shy to talk about that. In other words, the pop-singer is simply telling her haters to choke on a big.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has decided to talk about her mostly public relationship with Justin Bieber, dating and life in the spotlight in a new interview to be published in Vogue Australia’s September issue.

Most importantly, she revealed that she’s being careful about making her choice on who to date. From her statements, the singer isn’t high-handed. She doesn’t have much requirements, if the few she pointed out are to be itemized.

In her words: “The guys that do have the confidence to hit on me are not necessarily my type, but they think they are because I’m a pop star, I sing songs, do movies, I like to feel sexy and confident on stage.

“I’d be so stoked with a writer or producer or actor who is low-key, but those kind of guys are terrified of me!”

She continued: “For a while my private life was the most talked about thing.

“Nobody really knows everything and they can only assume. You want to do what you love but all this other stuff overshadows it so it makes it a little harder for people to take me seriously.

“I think people would think it’s kind of dumb [to date me].

“Nobody would want to throw themselves into that situation where it was so heightened publicly, like, why would they?”

Image: Selena Gomez

She somewhat consoled herself with the hope of something good coming, notwithstanding the bad image that seem to have overshadowed her “good and innocent nature”.

Selena admits she won’t turn down an invitation for a “civilized date” but added, ” I like to have fun, I like to hang out”.

The “Hands to Myself” singer has been linked to a few handsome and young celebrities  like Justin Bieber (singer/2010-2014), Alfredo Flores (2013), Cameron Michael Quiseng (musician/2010), Taylor Lautner (2009/actor), Nick Jonas (musician/2008-2010 and more recently), then comes Orlando Bloom, though his current girlfriend called it an unfounded rumor.

Hasn’t she suffered enough for love?

Somebody, anybody, please take away this curse from her.

Image: Selena Gomez