Scottish first minister’s trapped in-law says ‘final goodbyes’ after missile strike

Humza Yousaf’s mother-in-law, who is stuck in Gaza with her husband, made her “final goodbyes” in a call with the first minister and his wife.

Elizabeth El Nakla and her husband Maged have been trapped since the escalation in hostilities between Israel and Hamas last weekend.

According to SNP MP Chris Law, members of Nadia El Nakla’s family were hit by a rocket from a drone yesterday.

“Nadia’s mother was saying her final goodbyes this morning, adding, ‘last night was the end for me, better if my heart stops and then I will be at peace, I can’t take another night’,” Mr Law said, speaking in the Commons during Prime Minister’s Questions.

“With military action intensifying and the death toll rapidly rising, the prime minister’s first responsibility must be to bring British citizens home.”

It is understood Mr Yousaf received a call about the attack 45 minutes after his speech to the SNP conference on Tuesday. 

A missile struck a house across the road from where the El Nakla family and 100 other people are staying, smashing all the windows and mirrors.

Trapped family living off salt water

In a piece in The Guardian on Wednesday, Mr Yousaf’s wife explained that her family in Gaza are living off salt water and trying to survive.

Family members include her eight-month-old nephew and 93-year-old grandmother.

She wrote about her fears that Gaza “may not exist”, and Palestinian identity “could be lost forever”.

“The future feels bleak, and I find it hard to think past the immediate safety of people living there now. At first, I was optimistic that my parents would get out and aid would get in but sadly, slowly, my hope is waning,” Ms El Nakla said. 

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