Say no to violence in Nigeria

Someone said to me

We kill the police!

They’re not part of us!

They’re damn too corrupt

But him no holy pass

Yeah, we remember #Endsars

The bullet rain and teargas

We won’t forget the past!

Wey de governors who promised honour and dignity?

Wey our president who swore to restore our lost pride?

Imams and pastors, dibias and bishops

Farmers and hunters, children and grown-ups

No one knows the future of Nigeria

Shame! Who did this to our fatherland?

If we kill the police, and set prisoners free

If we mob pick-pockets, and hail “Up APC!”

Will our hearts ever find peace?

Will terror sleep at night, too?

Police is still your friend

We just need them reformed

Say no to violence

Tell our politicians, too.