Save Your Husbands From Those Mistresses, Ladies. Get A “MISTRESS DISPELLER”.

Image shows a traditional Chinese wedding.

Mistress Dispeller is the new wave gaining grounds in China at the moment, for married or single women.

In fact, it’s not limited to women, as men could find the booming private services helpful. How does it work and what does it mean?

Mistress-dispelling services are required by people [mostly Chinese women] whose marriages are facing threats from husband-snatchers.

These services aren’t for irresponsible women who would go naked on the streets fighting for their “rights”, even when they treat him as thrash at home–and sometimes, in public.

Image: A traditional Chinese wedding ceremony.

Of course, this service can’t be for ladies who would destroy a man’s “valuables” at the slightest provocation or suspicion of infidelity. Some quick-tempered women have ended up killing their “beloved husbands” in one moment of anger.

All said, MISTRESS DISPELLER refers to husband-rescue services offered strictly for women of class who fight “the other woman” with brains. Educated and wise Chinese ladies are said to be paying about $60,000 for this service, just to keep a peaceful marriage, without making a buzz about it.

What would you do if your husband is falling in love with a mistress? What if it’s the other woman who’s making attempts to take your most prized possession?

You’ll call the police, right? Maybe, engage her in a fight or use assassins.

Thinking about these events can take away many nights of good sleep from a helpless victim.

Image: A couple serving tea to their parents as customs demand, at a wedding ceremony.

Now, Chinese women in elite cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou or Beijing are hiring professionals whose job it is to save husbands from mistresses. They locate the mistress, kick-start a friendship, and eventually end the extra-marital affair with reliable strategies.

The professional mistress dispellers don’t need lawyers or police. No violence, whatsoever–but they’re good at what they do.

Sometimes, when other plots fail, they can try securing a better job in another city–assuming the “other woman” is single or ready to relocate.

Weiqing International Marriage Hospital Emotion Clinic Group is one such mistress-dispelling service.

Set up in 2001 in Shanghai, it now operates in as many as 59 cities, and gets rid of hundreds of mistresses via several basic rules.

Shu Xin, Weiqing’s director, told the New York Times that first of all their mistress-dispelling company will figure out what kind of mistress they’re dealing with (ie, whether she is in it for money, love or sex).

According to the report from New York Times, Ms. Wang, a 39-year-old from Shanghai, discovered texts on her husband’s phone that suggested he was having an affair with one of his employees, she was distraught.

“I couldn’t sleep at night and couldn’t stop crying,” she said. “I was very hurt.”

 She decided to take action, though perhaps not in the expected way.
Rather than confronting her husband, she searched online for a “mistress dispeller.’’ That was how she found Weiqin, and saved her husband.
A lot of other Chinese women have been able to save their husbands from the claws of these beautiful and sexy mistresses who enjoy cat-walking where angels fear.
Pictures Of Chinese Women Fighting To Save Husbands: