Is Your Child Ready For Kindergarten? You’ll Think Twice After Reading This Note From A School.

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Many people will agree with me that what a child becomes in the future – with regards to education – has a lot to do with where he or she started.

For starters in a pre-nursery/nursery setting, the quality of school, as determined by teachers’ educational attainments, goes a long way in laying a solid educational foundation for a child’s future.

Show me your child’s teacher and I’ll tell you how much your child can learn.

A checklist from one school in the United States has got parents scratching their heads, and worrying about how reliable schools are these days.

I have failed to prepare my son for Kintergarden.

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Parents who care only about their child’s school location, the plush environment or a reduced enrollment fee, may not need to worry about this note.

But if you’re that man or woman with concerns for your child’s quality educational foundation, you’ll surely raise eyebrows–except if you are in for whatever.

Still wondering if there are 30 or 26 letters in the alphabets? Hmm.

How does a starter learn how to hold a pencil and cut with scissors at home? What then are the teacher’s responsibilities?

Take a second look at that checklist meant for parents, and let us know what you think.