Sanctions has shown noticeable impact on North Korea – Rex Tillerson

The social media war with North Korea and temper tantrums surrounding President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s earth-shattering showdown seem to have stabilized, but U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he believes the sanctions from world super powers and global organizations have shown a significant impact on the nuclear powerhouse.

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Image: Rex Tillerson

Speaking at a White House press conference on Monday, Tillerson said the sanctions over DPRK’s nuclear program has strained the supreme leader’s regime.

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However, the 65-year-old American civil engineer said he hopes Washington will cooperate with all parties to bring a peaceful solution to the long-lasting crisis in the peninsula.

Tillerson, a former chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil (2006 to 2016), made the comments after President Donald Trump’s notice that North Korea would be restored to America’s blacklist of state sponsors of terrorism.

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‘I believe there is still hope for diplomacy,’ Tillerson said.

‘Mr. President’s statement is all aimed at turning up the heat on Kim Jong Un’s government. We have already seen the impact from those sanctions…It is having a significant effect.’

Tillerson added that the move from Trump will play a big role in dissuading countries (third parties) from conducting business with the DPRK.

At a White House briefing, the 69th U.S. Secretary of State added that the practical effect from this notice is: it will likely disrupt and discourage third parties from getting involved with Kim or undertaking certain activities with the North.

‘The threat imposes prohibition on a number of other activities which may have been omitted by the existing sanctions,’ the Texas-born diplomat said.