North Korea: A Nuclear War is Inevitable.

In line with sanctions from the European Union and U.N., media reports on Monday confirmed Russian president Vladimir Putin has severed economic and scientific ties, among others, with Kim Jong Un’s government whose representative Kim In Ryong, North Korea’s deputy U.N. ambassador, told the General Assembly that an all-out nuclear war is inevitable.

Kim said provocations on the Korean peninsula “has reached the touch-and-go point and a nuclear war may break out any moment.”


Image: Kim Jong Un

According to a report from AP, the U.N. official claims Pyongyang has been subjected to humiliation and “unnecessary discrimination” over the years. In his opinion, no country except North Korea has suffered extreme and direct nuclear threat from the United States since the 1970s.

Kim argued that his country has the right to possess nuclear weapons, adding that one of the reasons, as every other country with such capabilities would claim, is for self-defense.

Going further in his argument, he bemoaned an alleged plan from President Donald Trump’s government to stage a secret operation aimed at toppling Kim Jong Un’s government.

The legate also made reference to America’s large-scale military exercises which are conducted every year with Pyongyang’s neighbors: Japan, South Korea and others.

“The entire U.S. mainland is within our firing range and if the U.S. dares to invade our sacred territory even an inch it will not escape our severe punishment in any part of the globe,” he warned after highlighting his country’s achievement with their successful nuclear armament programs.

“North Korea is now a full-fledged nuclear power which possesses the delivery means of various ranges, including the atomic bomb, H-bomb and intercontinental ballistic rockets,” Kim added to highlight this year’s completion of their state nuclear force.

Mr. Kim bragged about DPRK’s arsenal which he described as “a precious strategic asset that cannot be reversed or bartered for anything.”

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson expressed hopes that America will withdraw from a preemptive attack and gamble with diplomacy until the first bomb drops, adding that officials are working out ways to forestall a nuclear war.

“Boy, NK is READY for us! Each Soldier has been issued 1 Potato and 5 Bullets!” – DM

However, Mr. Trump suggests an all-out war on N. Korea. The president’s recent tweets showed dissatisfaction with his diplomats, notably calling out his chief envoy who he mocked for wasting time on negotiations with the “supreme leader” who the billionaire president chose to call a “Little Rocket Man.”

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“N. Korea took $ Billions from Clinton In exchange for not pursuing nuclear 
Weapons,” a Yahoo user Rufus80 wrote.

“N. Korea took money from us and didn’t uphold their end of the agreement. Clinton was to busy dodging female trouble and let N. Korea get out of hand. Bush and Obama did nothing, and this Fool has not only broke his agreement, But his firing off missiles that our flying Over sovereign countries air space…”

In his threat, Mr. Kim said, “Unless the hostile policy and the nuclear threat of the U.S. is thoroughly eradicated, we will never put our nuclear weapons and ballistic rockets on the negotiating table under any circumstances.”

He scathingly told UN’s  disarmament committee that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has hopes for a world without nuclear weapons.

“The DPRK consistently supports the total elimination of nuclear weapons and the efforts for denuclearization of the entire world…” he said.

Earlier in July, a total of 122 countries adopted the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons at the United Nations.

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U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan has called on American and Japanese diplomats to increase pressure on North Korea with the aim of dousing tensions over its nuclear weapons program.

Mr. Sullivan reportedly met with his Japanese counterpart Shinsuke Sugiyama on Tuesday. He revealed during their brief talks that the State Department has resolved on denuclearizing the Korean peninsula through diplomacy.

“We must, however, with our allies in Japan and South Korea and elsewhere, be prepared for the worst should diplomacy fail,” he said, adding that the U.S. must defend itself and its allies if the need arises.

“This guy is just looking for a reason to start a war! Suprised someone hasnt poisoned him yet,” another netizen wrote.

“This is the only way he has to rally his starved people behind him…continue to brainwash his people by demonizing the U.S. He is a very Pathetic little man…and far far less powerful than he would have everyone believe,” DM commented.