What Americans think about North Korea’s Nuclear War Threats

North Korea said in an official statement on Friday that the United States of America will suffer shameful defeat if both countries are to test-run the world’s first nuclear war.

DPRK’s news agency threatened that the  would see its “final doom” if it continues in military offensives against the Asian country.

Image: As North Plans Missile Launch, US, SKorea Ready War Games

Kim Jong Un’s government warned America to desist from its forefront position in the looming international sanctions and pressure against Pyongyang, adding that the Korea’s military officials had sworn to deal with all provocateurs.

The official statement from Korea’s Internal Security Forces was delivered to CNN prior to Mr. Trump’s Thursday warning against any attempt at attacking any of US allies or Guam, which lies 2,131 miles southeast of North Korea, media reports confirm.

Trump, 71, spoke in the aftermath of Kim’s declaration that DPRK was set to fire nuclear missiles over Japan with expectations that the warheads would land somewhere near that US Pacific territory Guam.

“He has disrespected our country greatly. He has said things that are horrific,” the billionaire president said. “And with me, he’s not getting away with it. He got away with it for a long time between him and his family…”

The American president insisted that this war or threats of it, will be a whole new ball game.

Korea’s state-run KCNA said the country’s military are set to complete plans on the missiles by mid-August when, at Kim’s order, a total of four intermediate-range warheads will be ready to launch over Japan.

Mr. Trump told news reporters in Bedminster, New Jersey that he read a statement from Kim Jong Un saying ‘We’re in Guam by August 15th.’

Image: Kim Jong Un

The Republican president continued, “Let’s see what he does with Guam. He does something in Guam, it will be an event the likes of which nobody’s seen before, what will happen in North Korea.

“It’s not a dare,” the added, “It’s a statement.” 

He also assured Americans that the US nuclear arsenal is “in tip-top shape, and getting better, and getting stronger.”

Following Trump’s strict warnings against DPRK, former US National Security Adviser Susan Rice says ex-president Barack Obama’s predecessors are to blame for the current situation with Kim Jong Un.

In Susan’s opinion, past American governments failed woefully by turning a blind eye to N. Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

“That’s a very unfortunate outcomeYou can call it a failure. I accept that characterization over the last two decades,” said the former UN Ambassador during Thursday’s interview with CNN’s Wolfe Blitzer in Park City, Utah.

“But we are where we are. And we now need to decide how to proceed,” she added.

“Deterrents makes good sense,” Rice quipped when asked about the need for a preventative war or a pre-emptive war.

“It is very essential for us to maintain — and we don’t ever take off of the table the threat of the use of force.

“But preemptive war, if one was thinking of executing that would be catastrophic for the Korean peninsula,” adding that apart from an estimated 26 million people living in Seoul, North Korea, there are about 200,000 Americans residing in that region whose lives and investments would be endangered.

Rice objected to a pre-emptive attack saying it’s not the best move on DPRK.

“We need to be very measured, careful, and planned in our rhetoric,” Rice told Blitzer on the way forward. “I hope we will see more pressure out of the president as he is approaching this challenge.”

She added that there’ll likely be an all-out war against the erring government if Guam suffers an attack.

“I have confidence that we have responses that are proportionate to the problem,” Rice said reassuringly.

“The American people need know that we have and continue to refine advanced missile-defense capabilities to protect our allies and our homeland.

“We’re in a position to respond and to defend ourselves.”

President Trump also took a jab at Bill Clinton, saying he was very weak and ineffective as a US President — for negotiating with the N. Korean leader after 25 years and achieving nothing.

In his opinion, dialogue has proved to be a time-wasting effort and irrelevant tool against the 34-year-old dictator.

“Obama didn’t even want to talk about it,” he blasted the immediate past leader. “But I talk,” the president added, “because it’s time; and someone has to do it.”

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman said on Friday that approving tougher sanctions against DPRK would be the best approach with a desired result, adding that an unwavering stand against the Asian nation should be maintained.

Sen. Portman quoted Ronald Reagan as saying that ‘we get peace through strength.’

Speaking with CNN’s New Day host Chris Cuomo, the lawmaker said, “I think what Secretary [Rex] Tillerson, Secretary [James] Mattis, and President [Donald] Trump are all saying is: that should there be a preemptive strike upon North Korea, the response will be swift, it will be forceful and that should deter them — one would hope —  from taking any actions against Guam, or South Korea. or Japan, or certainly our shores.”