Sample Letter of Recommendation for University Admissions 7



At the request of Irobiko Chimezie Kingsley, who has shown interest to embark on a higher-level research program in Engineering at your esteemed institution, I am pleased to endorse this recommendation letter in his favor. I have known him as an undergraduate, notably when I taught her Materials & Manufacture Processes in the 7th semester of her academic years in our university. I would unhesitatingly classify the student as way above average.

I had many opportunities to observe Chimezie in close quarters and was able to gauge his natural abilities to grasp all basic concepts and utilize them in tackling associated difficulties. He is confident, self-reliant, good-natured, and always interactive during class sessions where we discussed some important issues to modern manufacturing, ranging from long-established topics such as casting, forming, machining, and joining, to complex topics such as the fabrication of nanomaterials.

Chimezie is committed to his academics; she is quite ambitious, highly motivated, and works hard to achieve set goals. During the time I had him under close tutelage, he proved himself an emotionally matured student who is always on the quest to learn something new. He showed keen interest in latest technological developments and exhibits great passion for higher researches. I was also impressed by his articulate presentations during group and individual projects.

I found Chimezie as one of the few students with an ability to conduct discussions with natural ease and endorse them with cogency; he was a 5th topper in class with his remarkable pragmatic approach. His strengths include: high conceptual ability; eminent analytical skills; powerful empirical reasoning; and a good understanding of the engineering field.

In view of all the above stated facts, and considering his self-confidence, tremendous drive and intellectual ability, I have conviction that he will excel in his academic endeavors. I cannot stress enough the benefits I believe he will bring to your institution.

Hence, I strongly recommend Chimezie to be considered as a potential candidate for admission to the M.Eng course, and wish him all the best.

I have confidence that he will meet the high career standards set by your university.

Should you have any further questions please feel free to reach me.


Professor XYZ