Sample biography for an Investment Broker

Sample biography for an Investment Broker

Irobiko Chimezie Kingsley is one of the few competent, productive and trusted business managers with excellent understanding of relationship-building strategies and a proven ability to connect people, broker relationships between them, create fruitful partnerships and alliances, and inspire others to ‘get things done.’

Chimezie is the CEO of ABC Inc., a Texas-based investment company which is considered as one of the forefront, customer-oriented self-directed IRA administrators in the United States of America. The firm was established in early 2003 and has its headquarters in Houston, including four other branches in Dallas, Austin, Mason and Michigan. He has managed accounts while granting his clients maximum control and flexibility. He oversees daily business at the finance company which prides itself as having “world famous customer service.”

Through hard work, dedication and unrelenting efforts, he has built a large clientele of over 13,000 satisfied customers in a career with ABC Inc. which began since 2007. In addition, he has remarkably expanded the company’s employee base from 5 to over 50 people in its payroll with prospects of continual growth and expansion.

Over the years, Chimezie has dedicated himself to providing excellent customer service and educational resources to do-it-yourself investors. His demonstrated managerial skills are evident in ABC Inc.’s constant growth and the competitive edge it wields among other contending companies in the business. He has a passion for identifying, nurturing and empowering young talented professionals. His tremendous drive to impact on people’s lives manifests in his selfless contributions toward educating the American community by offering free copies of the 2014 Forbes Magazine which featured the company, and a Federal Reserve documentary to sensitize potential clients on the Gold ABC Inc. market.

Prior to joining the company, Chimezie was a successful investor who valued fairness and respect as virtues learned from his parents. In a flourishing career which spans over 17 years in the automotive industry, he worked with Automotive Investment Group (AIG) as a senior executive staff and made contributions in the establishment of ABC Nissan’s business outfit in Phoenix, Arizona.

Chimezie’s decision to join Chibuike Henry Irobiko, an elder brother and licensed Texas attorney since 1991, was inspired by an intriguing knowledge of how Self-Directed Investment Business provides people with an opportunity to expand their retirement accounts with non-conventional investing. The understanding evoked curiosity in him and in turn, his passion for investing was nurtured – a reason he could not reject an offer for partnership.

ABC Inc. offers the following list of products and services: Self-directed IRAs, Real Estate IRA, Promissory Notes, and Precious Metals IRAs, including an adjudged most comprehensive and generous Gold Rollover kit in the industry.

Chimezie is a certified IRA Services Professional from the Institute of Certified Bankers. He is a good listener and in his spare time, he enjoys reading and spending time with his family.