Sample Letter of Recommendation for admissions

Harvard students


Dear Selection Committee,

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Irobiko Chimezie Kingsley, who I had the honor to work with at Byrd Clinical Center in 2016. He is a self-motivated and highly ambitious individual with eagerness to improve his already vast knowledge and practicalized skills acquired through a wide range of in-field experience. I can attest that his various educational qualifications, awards, memberships and certifications are indications of his insatiable taste for more advanced career-enhancing learning.

As a Clinical Pharmacist at Marshall University School of Pharmacy, Huntington, West Virginia, I had Kingsley under close observation for the period he learned about a clinical pharmacist’s role in managing Hepatitis C and HIV in outpatients. He was always punctual and possesses high professional work ethics. I was amply impressed by his good clinical knowledge, ability to fit into a multicultural setting with ease, and tremendous drive for record-breaking academic achievements.

Kingsley and I were co-contributors to an academic paper titled Trends in Hospitalization & In-hospital Mortality with Inflamatory Bowel Disease Complicated by Venous Thromboebolism which was published Aug. 18, 2017 on (Journal of Gastroenterology, Pancreatology & Liver Disorders). During this project, I discovered another intriguing part of him; he survives each day with faith that his desire to secure higher-level scientific research will be actualized in this university endowed with quality tutors and world-class faculties. I never stopped encouraging him on the need to adopt perseverance, hard work and confidence – these qualities, I strongly believe, he symbolizes.

Kingsley is never afraid of challenges, instead, he identifies, confronts and proffer solutions to his life and academic problems. His interpersonal, communication and leadership skills made him interestingly likable by colleagues, instructors, patients and staff at Byrd Clinical Center, some of who still hold fond memories of our time with him.

In furtherance, I would like to add that Kingsley loves science; this field of knowledge is his life’s passion. He eats, drinks, breathes and thinks science. He is conversant with the following and more: Method Validation & In-process Analysis, Analytical Instrumentation, Calibration of Laboratory Equipment, Preparation of Solutions, Reagents and Test Solutions, as well as possess a comprehensive knowledge of ICH & USFDA Guidelines and Documentations. Seeing him add more to his current advanced pharmacy practice experiences would be a joy to me as his mentor.

I strongly believe that an opportunity for a residency program would serve to validate his ambition, enthusiasm, and all he has so far achieved in the field of science. He has my full recommendation, and I look forward to seeing him justify the faith you shall bestow upon him.


Jason H. (Pharm D. Clinical Pharmacist, Marshall Health)