Sample KPIs for non-financial objectives

Organizations typically establish KPI’s and targets for essential goals having to do with such things as:

  • Image and branding
    KPIs may include survey scores for such things as brand awareness, brand recognition, or brand preference.
  • Employee satisfaction.
    KPIs may refer to employee satisfaction survey scores, employee productivity measures, turnover rates, absentee rates, or disciplinary data.
  • Customer satisfaction survey scores
    KPIs may include customer satisfaction survey scores, product return rates, or customer complaints. They may also refer to “qualitative” research results (e.g., from customer focus groups).
  • Employee health, safety, and well being
    KPIs in these areas may refer to employee absenteeism due to illness, on the job accident rates, or use of employee services.
  • Quality of service delivery
    KPIs may include direct measures of service performance, such as mean time to complete customer service requests. They may also include customer satisfaction-like indicators, such as survey scores or numbers of complaints.
  • Product quality
    KPIs may include data on warranty requests, customer complaints, or customer survey scores.
  • Recognition as a “Green” organization
    Many professional organizations offer membership and certification to groups or companies that meet certain “green” criteria. These stand as KPIs for green status. Also, demonstrated compliance with environmental laws and standards serves as a credible KPI for green status.
  • Recognition for positive contributions to the community
    KPIs for this objective include awards or other formal recognition from civic groups, and public service organizations.