Ronaldinho admits he loves football and music

Always wearing a smile on his face and ready to enjoy life, Ronaldinho appeared on Ibai Llanos’ Twitch channel on Sunday to talk about a range of subjects.


The former Brazil international spoke about his time at Barcelona through to his plans for the future, travelling the world as an ambassador for the Catalan club and playing in various charity matches.

One of the most curious moments came when Ibai asked him if he would like to become a manager one day.

“I have my projects in music,” Ronaldinho replied. “That’s always been part of my life. I have soccer schools in many parts of the world….

“I don’t imagine myself as a coach. In my house, there’s always been music. I have cousins and uncles that made music and it’s part of my life.

“Sometimes they invite me to be part of their projects. I try to help new singers with talent that don’t have as many chances.

“Then there are the football schools for kids. It’s a chance for them to realise a dream, to learn and to enjoy themselves.

“There are lots of other things still to do. There are games, Barça Legends, matches with friends, ex-players, events all over the place. I am happy, getting to know the world in a different way and living well.”