Rob Kardasian in Sex Tape Mess.

It will remain a threat until it finally plays out as Carol Vorderman who was voted Rear of the Year in 2014 is claiming to have made a sex tape with Rob Kardasian while their short-lived romance lasted.

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Why always the KARTRASIANS?

She released the information on April 1 and it has been a great shock to everyone.

The former Countdown host confessed in written words: “Hey guys, just want to let you know, there might be a story in tomorrow’s paper about me #regretfrommyyouth #vhs #betamax.”

After starting rumors that there could be a story between her and Kim Kardasian’s brother Bob, she also referred to a private video yet to be or already released to the papers.

Then she tweeted: “Is it illegal for someone to release private videos of you from your past? @robkardashian #hairypast #XXX #bringbackbush.”

Having tagged Rob in the last tweet, the picture has become clearer now.

Lastly she wrote: “I want to release it before the papers do. You’re going to see my ‘Consonant Vowel Consonant Consonant’ #TwofromtheTopOnefromthebottom.”

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian at Onyx Nightclub on March 27, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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2 Comments on Rob Kardasian in Sex Tape Mess.

  1. Sex is for the Kardashians. They know this better than anyone.

  2. Outstanding work. The world has seen all of Blac Chyna’s round ass. A sex tape may be a good idea. People will watch but it won’t be a hit.

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