Is The Law Blind To The Rich In Indonesia?

Indonesian laws has been considered by many as a bit too loose and by others, at times, very harsh.

Wiyang Lautner, 25, was driving a Lamborghini Gallardo on a cool Sunday morning in Surabaya when he crashed  in an accident that killed a roadside kiosk owner Mujianto. Kuswanto,51, and his wife Srikanti, 41 were customers in the shop when the super car plunged into the shop last November.

For his negligence behind the wheels as stated by the laws of the country, Wiyang was sentenced to 5 months in prison on March 30.


The presiding judge at the Surabaya District Court, Burhanudin, said Wiyang was guilty of negligent driving as stipulated in Article 310 of the 2009 Traffic Law.

In addition to the 5-month prison sentence, Wiyang was also ordered to pay a total of $900 or choose to serve an additional month in jail.

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