Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna still fighting dirty; nude Pictures and Proof of Infidelity exposed

Bob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are still at each other’s throat since their relationship went sour over allegations of violence and extra-marital affairs.

Image shows Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna and their baby girl Dream.

Unfortunately for fans who are hoping to find details of the marital problems on Instagram, including Chyna’s nude pictures which were exposed by an angry Rob, Instagram has shut down his account.

In response to the cheating allegations from her husband, the mother-of-two [one from her previous relationship with rapper Tyga] has made shocking claims that she was physically abused.

“Rob u did all this but u beat me up and try act it never happen!!!!!” writes the 29-year-old reality star on Snapchat.

“U put hand on me I swear on god!!!! On my kids but I’m supposed to be quiet because you’re a Kardashian,” she added.

“The light will come to the light,” reads a second message from the former stripper.

The couple’s embarrassing social media rants started with the 30-year-old dad calling out Dream’s mom for daring to cheat on him with another man despite his sacrifices.

He bragged about spending a whooping $1 million to support her, excluding the exotic jewelry and luxury cars be bought as gifts.

Although Instagram has helped to diffuse the tension between Rob and his wife, the Kardashian started their social media fight after he posted a video which showed Chyna hugging and kissing another man.

“Hahahaha Chyna just sent me this video saying happy 4th of July what a crazy person,” he wrote as the caption. “Come spend time with your daughter … U need help,” he added.

He followed up the initial post with screen shots of an alleged text conversation between his wife and “the dude Chyna got caught cheating on me with.”

Apparently dissatisfied with the betrayal, Rob added another screenshot of a chat with his babymama which showed her nude picture.

He was explicit in the caption, saying he really wanted the world to see her like never before.

“This is from Chyna yesterday to me,” he wrote. “I never been so disrespected in my life. I just bought her 250K of jewelry yesterday. This woman is so disrespectful and I don’t care.”

Still angry with his woman and the alleged home-wrecker, Rob decided not to spare her the shame.

“And this the dude that posted a pic in the same bed Chyna and I made our baby in,” he wrote in the very emotional post.

“The house that I pay for. That robe i prob paid for. Imma send u messages from this dude asking to link with me or he gonna expose Chyna if I don’t help him get money cuz he can’t handle the bills to take care of Chyna. Lol. I pay lambo. Ferrari. Down payment on the rolls. Downpayment on your moms car,” the Kardashian lamented.

“I prob spent a million alone in the past 2 months. 90K necklaces. 70K watch. The Ferrari that u pretend u got yourself,” he continued before chipping a piece of advice to his wife and her lover boy.

“Chyna I hope U find help and to this corn ball … Bro go back to your son who is at home  … Clown. … Chyna u literally lost on this one.”

While visitors to Rob’s Instagram page are now greeted with “Sorry, this page isn’t available,” or “Page Not Found,” the reality TV star has invited followers and interested viewers to find him on Twitter.

“Since Instagram shut me down everyone peep my twitter lol,” he shared.

Meanwhile, social media users have been divided over Chyna’s infidelity and Rob’s “childish” decision to expose her nude pictures.

Image: Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian

“MAKE HER EAT YOUR ASS!” replied one of Rob’s Twitter followers, “he’s gonna get a new one, plenty of dollar and love the promo he gave on insta.

I’d rather be 2.0 getting 250k sent to me for a nude I’d send to 60 others on

“You’re such a bitchassed child. I hope files charges against u 4 posting revenge porn. Get a fucking job bitchboy & grow up smmfh,” another lady adds.

Image: Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

Rob and Chyna called off their engagement last February but have shared a relatively sweet relationship until now. Their daughter Dream Renée was born in November, 2016.

Since Instagram shut me down everyone peep my twitter lol

Just sad. Loved Chyna as my wife and accepted all the wrong she did and continued to ride for her and remain Loyal to her. Never did I cheat

We had a beautiful baby girl that was the best thing that’s happened to me and soon as that baby was born Chyna was out.

Soon as kylie and tyga broke up Chyna was over the game. She had a baby out of spite and I’ll never view her the same.

I truly thought Chyna wanted to be a family and that’s why I was so loyal to her but I learned my lesson and everyone else was right