Judy Murray – Andre Agassi was my Son’s Idol

Judy Murray has been in the spotlight not only as Andy Murray’s mother, but as his coach and inspiration.

The 57-year-old won a total of 64 titles in Scotland during her junior and senior career, until going professional in 1976.

Image: Andy Murray

Unfortunately, she was homesick, and suffered a robbery attack in Barcelona before changing her mind on the the idea.

Judy graduated from Edinburgh University in 1981, and got a chance to represent Great Britain at the World Student Games.

She once said it’d have been a pleasure if she had tried tennis as a professional player.

However, she was fulfilled with being her sons’ first coach before they blossomed into stars — an achievement which demanded that she hand over reigns to people with better knowledge of the game.

The amazing mom who has also coached other tennis players at both regional and national levels under the jurisdiction of the British tennis governing body Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), recently made a revelation about Andy’s tennis idol, Andre Agassi.

She recently spoke with the Associated Press following a pathetic incident at the ongoing 2017 Wimbledon games.

“If ur the bloke in the blue polo shirt and hat you should be ashamed…..,” Mrs. Murray wrote in a Twitter post to an old man who wrestled a towel from a middle-aged spectator.

Although the tennis player Jack Sock, who offered the souvenir, has reached out to the young man after a public appeal in his favor, Judy had this to say about her adorable son Andy.

Image: Andre Agassi and Andy Murray

The Strictly Come Dancing star told a touching story of her son who she said, was brought to tears after failing to get his tennis idol’s signature as a 7-year-old at Wimbledon.

In her words: “I remember Jamie just wanted to watch the matches and Andy just wanted to watch the practice courts and all he wanted to do was get the autograph of Andre Agassi who is his absolute hero.

“He would literally be out there at the practice courts all day hoping to get the autograph and he actually never managed to do it.

“It had quite a big impact on him as a little kid. 

“That real disappointment that he hadn’t managed to get what he really wanted and I think that’s one of the reasons why he’s so good at staying behind and signing everything for everybody because of the experience that he had.”