RIP Taylor Swift.

Kim Kardashian and hubby Kanye West seem to be having the last laugh against Taylor Swift who the couple have successfully ‘killed and buried’ by branding her ‘a liar’ in the eyes of the world.

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This could be the celebrity feud of the decade but the world is yet to see the end of it, as there now appears a Swift’s mural in Melbourne, Australia saying adieu to the once beloved singer.

An artist made a painting that features Taylor Swift’s portrait, and added these words:

“In Loving Memory Of Taylor Swift, 1989-2016.”

This RIP sketch comes barely three days after Kim posted the recorded Snapchat video between Kanye and the 26-year-old confirming she gave consent to the lyrics in his controversial “Famous” track.

Right below the mural painting, the graffiti artist added: “No tags please, respect the dead.”

Image: Taylor Swift


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What a beautiful art this is, not minding the error of writing Taylor Smith instead of Taylor Swift. But that’s pun. He knew the implications of spelling the names correctly.

Reports quote the artist named Lush Sux as saying of the “Taylor Smith” typo: “it’s one of those ‘it’s 3 in the morning’ kind of mistakes,” saying, “I guess it’s gonna work to my advantage if this blows into a defamation lawsuit.”

The mural comes at a time when Selena Gomez had received heavy criticisms for showing support to the 1989 singer. Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend is scheduled to hold her birthday celebration among other shows in Australia, and Swift has been invited by her pal to go have fun.

Is the painting an artist’s way of saying, “we don’t want you here”?

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Bystanders gather at 'RIP Taylor Swift' mural art in Melbourne.

Image: Bystanders paying their last respect to the dead.

Though there’s been death threats since the painting surfaced in Melbourne, Lux says he “had no plans to destroy the mural”.

“I won’t be taking down my ‘Taylor Smith’ mural anytime soon,” said the artist. “But there have been multiple threats from Taylor Swift’s own version of the Hitler youth, who dub themselves ‘Swiftys,’ to go down and destroy the wall.”

In fact, a report confirms Sux is prepared to go fight harder with his graffiti.

“I’m sure I can cook up a round two for the spot if it gets destroyed. I may even go down and change it around tonight for another good laugh,” said the artist, considering the idea of putting Caveman Spongebob’s face over hers.

Reports confirm that a large number of people visited the “RIP Taylor Swift” mural since it appeared on the wall, creating a busy tourist attraction in the area.

Giant 'RIP Taylor Swift' Mural Appears in Melbourne's Hosier Lane

People are also said to be leaving behind, some flowers and lighting candles beneath the over-sized “memorial.”

While onlookers keep visiting the site, social media users have weighed in on the hilarious but pitiful artwork.

One tweet read: “Such a tragedy. Condolences go to the swifts and every swifty. rip a snake. #riptaylorswift #taylorswift.”

Giant 'RIP Taylor Swift' Mural Appears in Melbourne's Hosier Lane

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Giant 'RIP Taylor Swift' Mural Appears in Melbourne's Hosier Lane

Giant ‘RIP Taylor Swift’ Mural Appears in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane.

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