A Scary Story From Nigeria That’ll Lighten Your Mood.

Nigeria is a country blessed with qualitative human and material resources, as well as stories or events that’ll make you cry, laugh, feel pity sometimes, and scared at other times.

We will forever remain the envy of many other countries around the world no matter how were’re seen, misunderstood or trampled upon. Nigerians are good, hard-working, innovative, and godly people.

The country may be facing hard times at the moment but just like any other developed country, bad times don’t last forever. So worry less about the economy or whatever grudge you have against this wonderful country, and enjoy this story shared by Hon Iphy Igu.

The Story:

You will never believe what just happened to me now, I still can’t get over it.

I went to the Apo Shoprite (Abuja) as usual to pick something to eat since it’s close to my work place. As I was walking down the aisle, I noticed this woman starring at me. I looked at her and kept walking to the front counter to pick bottled water and gala.

As I picked them and turned, I found the same woman right behind me!

I tried to show her some love, so I smiled & said “Hi”. Then I went on to get a canned coke. Can u believe the same woman followed me?

I was getting a little bit nervous and mad because she was following me without saying a thing. But I tried to stay friendly, I just said “Hi” again. She finally responded and said, “I am sorry for starring but you look just like my youngest daughter. We just buried her two weeks ago”

I felt silly as I expressed my sympathy to her. She said she was fine as she knows that her daughter is with the Lord.

She then asked me to do her a favour which I obliged. She said “I’m a bit sad
that my daughter never said goodbye to me before passing on”. She asked me to get in line behind her so when she’s leaving the store, I should say “goodbye mum”.

Though her request was weird, I however agreed to grant it. So as she collected her bags from the cashier and walked away, I said “bye mum”. She turned and said “bye baby girl”.

When d cashier calculated my stuff, she said the total was N18,750. I said what!!! Can u tell me how a N70 bottled water, N50 gala and N100 canned coke equals N18,750?

She said “your mum said you are paying for hers too”.

My mum? I shouted. That woman is not my mother ooo!!!. I quickly rushed out just in time to see the woman approaching the parking lot. I ran after her and was screaming…”excuse me, excuse me!!!”.

She started running. I caught up with her just before she was able to close the door of her car. I kept on pulling and pulling her leg, just like I am pulling yours now!

You too like gist sef. See as u serious dey read………😀😀😀.‪‎ #lol‬