Rio de Janeiro: Wildfire Threatens Olympic Venues In Brazil.

Olympic athletes are fleeing sports venues in Brazil as a wildfire threatens lives and properties.

The surging bushfire has taken hold at the Deodoro parkland area in the city’s west. This location is where the mountain bike stadium, canoe slalom course and BMX track are located.

Athletes from Spain warm up on the pitch as a wild fire burns in the nearby hills of Deodoro before the quarterfinal hockey game against Great Britain. Picture: Getty

Image shows athletes from Spain warming up in a Rio stadium ahead of their quarterfinal hockey match against the Great Britain, as a wildfire burns in the nearby hills of Deodoro.

Mountain bikers are said to have been evacuated from the park with the venue lying within the Deodoro hills area.

The fire is clearly visible from a number of Olympic venues including the Hockey Centre.

High winds across Rio de Janeiro are fanning the flames and sending smoke from the fire across the city creating issues for other Olympic events.

Image shows Deodoro on fire.

The high winds, with some gusts of more than 90km/h have already caused injuries with several spectators being harmed when an overhead “spidercam” broke free of its moorings and fell into the crowd at the Games’ basketball venue.

It’s not the first time Deodoro has been struck by bushfires during the Olympics with the area catching alight last week just half a kilometre from where the rugby sevens tournament was taking place.