Crime: Pretty Indonesian Girl Dies After Friend Added Cyanide In Her Coffee.

Image shows former Australian resident Jessica Wongso (left) with her friend Mirna Salihin. Wongso is accused of murdering Salihin at a Jakarta cafe.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have handed over to Indonesian authorities, all confidential files on an Australian resident who allegedly murdered her friend in Jakarta by adding cyanide in her coffee. The Indonesian police is processing the confidential information to be used as evidence during court trials.

Both Jessica Wongo and Mirna Salahin were very close friends studying at the Billy Blue Design College in Sydney together.

However, events that led to the alleged poisoning of Mirna’s iced coffee with cyanide by her best friend is yet to be uncovered. Police believe this could be a case of jealousy and pre-planned murder.

Cups of Vietnamese iced coffee used during a police reconstruction of the murder of Mirna Salihin at the Cafe Olivier in Jakarta. Salihin died after drinking an iced coffee laced with cyanide. Picture: Supplied

Image shows a few cups of Vietnamese iced coffee used during a police reconstruction of Mirna Salahin’s murder at the Cafe Olivier in Jakarta. She died after drinking an iced coffee mixed with cyanide.

The alleged killer from Sydney lived in Australia for 7 years before going home to Jakarta on holidays where she got entangled in a murder case. Mirna was also in Jakarta for the summer break.

Reports from ABC 730 on the suspect who is currently detained in Indonesia, shows Jessica Wongso suffers from mental health problems.

ABC 730 added that Justice Minister Michael Keenan approved the handing-over of the AFP file that contained details of Wongso’s behaviour a year before she allegedly killed her friend.

The file contains confidential police intelligence reports that detail four suicide attempts that required hospitalisation, threatening behaviour towards colleagues and a major alcohol-fuelled road accident, ABC 730 reports.

Indonesian suspect Jessica Kumala Wongso is guarded by her lawyers after her trial at the Central Jakarta court in Jakarta on June 15, 2016. Picture: AFP

Image shows Jessica Wongso in the protection of her lawyers after a court trial at Central Jakarta court on June 25.

In addition, recently received the police documents contain detailed information about an Apprehended Violence Order taken out against her by her ex-boyfriend.

Indonesian police have reportedly processed most of the files and tendered them as evidence at the law court, but Wongso’s attorney Yudi Wibowo says his client’s information is being “misused”.

“A report to the police in Australia has been treated as a crime by Indonesian police — that’s a misuse,” he told ABC 730.

“Yes, they are looking for death sentence, and my duty as a lawyer is to try to evade the death sentence and get her free, because there is not enough evidence,” he added.

Wayan Mirna Salihin died from suspected cyanide poisoning. Picture: Supplied

Image shows Mirna Salahin and an unnamed person.

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