Relationship Hacks: How to stay happy in love

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When you are upset with your partner, say your mind. Say every damn thing on your damn mind.

Forget about the relationship and the person’s feelings and say what you’re thinking. The feedback you’ll get will help you know the direction that your relationship is going and the kind of partner you’re dating.

I see a lot of people holding out on their partner because they don’t want to lose their spouse or hurt their feelings.

Let me ask you this: why do you care so much about preserving a relationship in which you’re not happy?

Your first priority in a serious relationship must be to be happy. Every other thing is secondary.

A partner who is ready for a serious relationship would want you to get the things they did or that they do that hurt your feelings off your chest. They will listen attentively to you and try to understand where your pain is coming from.

After trading words with a person who loves you and needs you in their life, they will reach out to you to make peace. They will apologize to you and also tell you what you did or what you are doing that they don’t like. And you will find common ground or make compromises that will help you grow your relationship.

Contrary to what many people already know, nothing will destroy your relationship and your life more than pent up anger. If you are vexed about something that is going wrong in your relationship, say it out and get over it.

If your partner is not comfortable with listening to what hurts your feelings, they are not for you. In your lifetime, you will be with a lot of people and fall in love with a lot of people, but only one person will qualify to be your life partner.

Treat every person you’re dating like they’re auditioning for a movie role.

You don’t give them a major role until they’ve passed their audition.

You’re not ready for marriage if you cannot predict what your partner will do or how they’ll react when you push them to their elastic limits.

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