Rebel Wilson Would Need My F***ing Permission, Adele Says.

Rumors have it that Rebel Wilson is about playing Adele as her character in an upcoming movie and the singer already knows. It ain’t funny, how rumor fly.

The 27-year-old singer isn’t pleased after hearing that Rebel Wilson wants to play her because both are ‘plus-sized’ women.

“I’ve heard there are rumors about Rebel Wilson will be playing me in a movie – let’s see if that turns out to be true.

“She’d need my f***ing permission.”

She added, “Just because I’m plus-sized doesn’t mean she’s playing me.”

The Aussie actress Rebel Wilson is working on a new movie, a kind of biography about Adele’s rise to fame and the struggles she encountered on the road to stardom.

The actress is said to be really keen to play Adele because she sees it as a challenge as well as a big chance to prove herself as a versatile actress.

Rebel Wilson to play Adele?

Daily Star quoted a source as saying: “Rebel has always wanted to prove she can cut it as a serious actress.

“This is going to be a huge challenge for her because Adele is a legend at the peak of her popularity.”

“Rebel can’t match Adele’s vocal talents but she can certainly sing. And, with a little technical wizardry, she’ll sound just like her in the movie,” the source added.

The Perfect Pitch actress has made efforts to get Adele’s blessings on the role she intends to play in the movie.

However, the singer’s funny and weird comments last night in Manchester shows Rebel Wilson might need more than a supernatural blessing to succeed with the movie.

The mother-of-one Adele said she received spiritual blessings from a witch before hitting fame.

She said, “When I played a show in New York, which was my first show of the album, a hippy gave me some crystals.

“Then I had a great show so I was like, ‘It’s something to do with these crystals. I’m keeping them’.

“So I’m becoming a hippy, I’m going to become a witch.”

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