President Of Korean Republic Moon Jae-in holds meeting with FIFA Boss

Gianni Infantino was pleased to meet the president of Korean Republic Moon Jae-in, whose country successfully hosted FIFA’s U-20 World Cup last Sunday.

The global football competitions came to a close last weekend with England as pround and deserving winners.

Image: Gianni Infantino and Moon Jae-in

In the final match which was played at Suwon World Cup Stadium, the England team thrilled soccer fans to a 1-0 victory over their South African opponents Venezuela.

Infantino was on ground to exchange pleasantries with both winners and runners-up before proceeding to Korean Republic’s capital city Seoul, where he met with all staff of the Korean Football Association at their headquarters.

Speaking at the event, he congratulated the officials for their efforts in hosting a “fantastic competition.”

The 47-year-old also expressed gratitude for their “support and commitment in staging the men’s youth tournament.”

Infantino, who holds dual nationality, Swiss and Italian, left the football headquarters to honor Moon Jae-in at the presidential villa where he was granted audience.

There he talked about his love for football at the reception, also describing it as the most popular sport in South Korea.

Images show the England U-20 team and their Venezuelan counterparts.

‘Football is the favorite sport of South Koreans,‘ he said, ‘and a sport — I believe is one of the most equal and democratic.

‘It is an interesting game — a sport which both rich and poor countries can enjoy equally and which has also been used to contribute to inter-Korean relations.’

In addition, the FIFA boss stressed on a need for everyone to understand that football can be used as a developmental tool for countries in Africa and Asia.

During the friendly chat, Moon Jae-in proposed a co-hosting of the World Cup between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea [North Korea] and the Korea Republic [also known as South Korea].

Jae-in, 64, expressed his belief that football has the force to bring regional stability and peace between South Korea and Kim Jong Un‘s North Korea, their neighbor and arch-enemy.

Image: Gianni Infantino and Moon Jae-in

Gianni Infantino assured the president who took over reigns of government on 10 May, 2017, following Park Geun-hye’s impeachment, that “both FIFA and the international football community would be happy to provide any assistance that could be helpful to inter-Korean relations, as well as in the Korea Republic’s efforts to help developing countries through football in Africa and Asia.”

Jae-in is a human rights lawyer. He was a Chief-of-Staff to former South Korean president Roh Moo-hyun.

Before becoming president of the country, Jae-in contested in the 2012 presidential election under the Democratic United Party but lost with a narrow margin to Park Geun-hye.

A total of 6 Nigerians were among the players who helped England to the coveted trophy.

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