The two female assassins who killed Kim Jong Nam to die by hanging

The two women – a Vietnamese and an Indonesian, who stand accused as Kim Jong Nam’s killers will be sentenced to death if found guilty of an international assassination plot.

Siti Aisyah of Indonesia faced death by hanging if found guilty of the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam. Picture: AFP

Image: Siti Aisyah

According a report from News Australia, Siti Aisyah (an Indonesian suspect) and her accomplice, Doan Thi Huong, will face death by hanging if proven guilty of murder.

The deadly Asian women sprayed Kim Jong Un’s half-brother with a liquid while he passed through security posts at a Kuala Lumpur airport.

“She doesn’t want her family get sad to see her condition,”Andriano Erwin, Indonesia’s ambassador to Malaysia, said after a 30-minute meeting with the 25-year-old Aisyah. “She only delivered a message through us to her father and mother not to be worried and take care of their health.”

Huong and Aisyah are believed to have used a deadly nerve agent commonly known VX on their victim’s face.

The highly toxic substance which has been described as the deadliest of all nerve agents, was found in swabs from Nam’s face and eyes.

Malaysia’s attorney general Mohamed Apandi Ali said the defendants will be charged on Wednesday and would face a mandatory death sentence if convicted.

“They will be charged in court under Section 302 (murder) of the penal code,” said Mr Apandi Ali.

Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was killed two weeks ago although the attackers still claim they thought it was a prank after receiving $90 to spray some liquidized poison on an unsuspecting traveler.

Both women claim they were duped into killing Nam, but the Malaysian police say it was a well-planned plot to kill.

Doan Thi Huong of Vietnam is also accused of the murder of Kim Jong Nam. Picture: AFP

Image: Doan Thi Huong

Media reports confirm that one of the 2 persons – a North Korean and a Malaysian, who were remanded in prison after the 13 February incident, has been released.

Apandi said the North Korean suspect may be charged only when investigations are completed.

Other seven suspects from North Korea who coincidentally left Malaysia on the day of Nam’s murder, may be also be arrested. Unfortunately, they are believed to be in Kim Jong Un’s country at the moment, and there’s no plan to have them repatriated.

Analysts believe this unusual occurrence supports their claim that the Korean dictator may have masterminded his brother’s death to consolidate his unchallenged reign.

Kim Jong Nam was killed with a VX nerve agent. Picture: AP

Image: Kim Jong Nam

Kim Jong Nam died barely 20 minutes after the attack.

The fleeing Korean’s were identified by South Korean lawmakers on Monday.

SK’s National Intelligence Service said at a private briefing that four of the seven suspects are from Kim’s Ministry of State Security [a spy agency for the North].


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