Possible reason Diego Maradona wasn’t invited to Lionel Messi’s Wedding

After his glamorous wedding to childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo, Barcelona star player Lionel Messi has added another title to his name as a married man, but his compatriot Diego Maradona is laughing for a reason.

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The Barcelona player lives in Spain with his wife and their two sons — Thiago, 4, and Mateo, who is just one year old.

Messi’s teammates, past and present, were all there at the star-studded event where the football legend Maradona was conspicuously missing.

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Over 250 guests, including Neymar, Suarez, Samuel Eto’o, Gerard Pique and wife Shakira attended the wedding at a luxury hotel in Rosario.

“Messi could have had this wedding wherever he liked – Dubai, the moon. He can pay any plane ticket to anyone, but he chose the city that’s in his heart,” said Leandro Macaya.

A total of 150 journalists were allowed to cover the event but were regrettably barred from the party.

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Maradona has been on the headlines for controversial reasons. Yet, football analysts are asking why he wasn’t invited to the historical wedding. Was it due to past misunderstandings in the media? Or a grudge from their past player-coach spat?

The 56-year-old football legend isn’t concerned about the unnecessary “all-time best player” debate. He says the truth is not hard to find.

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Messi’s 29-year-old wife is a cousin to one of his close friends.

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Maradona, the man who who once led Argentina national team as captain and coach, had his name omitted from the list of invited guests but he laughed off the embarrassment with a jab on social media.

“Congratulations and I hope you have many healthy children,” he told Russian media.

“He knows that I love him very much.

“My invitation to his wedding must have gotten lost along the way, but that will not change my opinion of him.

“He is a good sportsman and an excellent person.”

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