Pique takes risk on his privacy, says he’s happy for it

As part of his promotion for the Davis Cup, which takes place in Madrid in November,Gerard Pique shared his mobile number online and immediately received thousands of messages.

He was at a meeting about the tennis tournament and then took to social media to interact with fans.

“I’m working with the Davis Cup team,” he wrote on Twitter.

“For anything you want, I give you my phone number of +34649500001.”

He interacted with fans, after his phone was bombarded with thousands of messages.

“7,000 messages? Seriously?” he said in another tweet, sharing a video which showed his phone going crazy.

The Barcelona star called one Real Madrid fan to gift him tickets for the event and had a conversation with the football and tennis fan.

“Thanks for respecting me, I know it’s difficult as a Real Madrid fan,” the Barcelona defender said.

The fan explained that he loves tennis and that he’s really excited to go to the tournament, with Piqueorganising him two tickets for the opening.

“It’s really exciting to speak with you,” he said during the call.