Chiellini: Why Juventus can win more trophies with Ronaldo and Sarri

Juventus made an incredible investment in Cristiano Ronaldo when they signed him from Real Madrid in 2018, yet Giorgio Chiellini believes it was a worthwhile move.

He believes that Ronaldo is a player who can make the difference for the Bianconeri in the Champions League.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is like a hyena on the pitch, you look at him and you realise he’s different from the rest,” Chiellini told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“You will never see himself take it easy, he has important daily goals and everything he does is calculated with extreme care.

“For me, it’s a privilege to have him on our team, even at 34, because you see a constant desire in him to improve.”

Elimination at the hands of Ajax in 2018/19 was tough as Chiellini feels as though the competition was there for the taking last term.

“It hurt a lot to fall to Ajax, because I think that had we got through that tie then we’d have reached the final,” he confirmed.

“These recent years we’ve lacked the ability to know how to handle a final.

“We’ve also lost some matches because we were too daring.”

Juventus underwent a philosophical change in switching from Massimiliano Allegri to Maurizio Sarri during the summer, but thus far the former Chelsea coach has found success in implementing his style of football.

“Both are similar in that they are born winners, Chiellini said.

“Sarri, though, is a perfectionist and is very thorough from a technical standpoint.

“He makes a scientific analysis of everything, providing data and numbers that stimulate a player.

“The important thing is to create empathy between the coach and his players.”