Picture in a frame

Chizoma Justina Irobiko's picture in the poem "Picture in a frame"

There’s a picture in a frame

It’s my All-Star Hall of Fame

The picture reflects my past and present;

An inner sanctuary for my soul.


That picture in a frame is you;

The centre of everything I do

Your strength makes me feel anew

Like the morning dew in summertime.


You’re amazing in a frame,

My eternal sparks of flame,

You blaze through me day and night

To keep these smiles from fading.


From the frame, I wade through life

With inspiration so divine

I don’t dream of fulfilling destiny

Since I found happiness in you.


Your hug is the strongest support,

Your warmth an assuring comfort

To my yielding body, soul, and spirit

Why do I obsess and overthink?


Your picture taught me how to smile

At life’s trite, beguiling surprise

But hanging you on the wall could be wrong;

If familiarity breeds contempt.


My life, my world, now a hearse

Where beloved ones submerse

Gently interred deep into this fain heart,

An earthly castle for immortals.