‘Pamela Anderson Has No Style,’ Son Says.

Pamela Anderson‘s son says his mom has no fashion style, adding that he wouldn’t wish to borrow clothes from her if he were a boy.

Dylan Lee, Pamela Anderson

Image: Pamela Anderson and Dylan Jagger Lee.

Dylan Jagger Lee, 18, admits he would have no reason to raid her mom’s wardrobe because he doesn’t admire any of the things the “Baywatch beauty” wears.

Pamela, 49, was asked if she ever shared clothes with Dylan – her youngest child with ex-husband Tommy Lee – and she said: “That is a great question! We probably could.”

Dylan quipped: “We could, but we don’t. Because you don’t have much style.”

The Canadian-American singer, who also has another 20-year-old son named Brandon Thomas Lee, understood her Brandon’s point of view. She wasn’t upset about his statements though she had to set things right by explaining that a mom and son couldn’t have much to share in their wardrobes.

She told ELLE.com: “He thinks I don’t have much style. Ha. Although, OK, it’s not like he’s going to wear one of my dresses. There’s not much to share.”

The country music icon talked about her animal rights campaign. She attended Christian Siriano’s New York Fashion Show with Dylan last weekend because she loves the fact the designer’s “feminine” creations don’t use fur or leather.

She said of the collection: “It’s very very feminine, very pretty, and you feel good wearing it because you know nothing’s been hurt.

“I also want to support people who are putting in the time and putting in the work and the research to create fabrics and respect fabrics that are cruelty free. It’s easy to take the shortcut and use animal skins.

“But I think animal skins look tired. They’re not very innovative. They’re old-fashioned. And great fashion should be something new.”

Image shows Pamela Anderson and sons–Dylan and Brandon.

The blonde star has been impressed by her son’s popularity at Fashion Week events.

“[Talking about her son’s fame at Fashion Week events] Is he a heartthrob? I try not to pay attention to social media or stuff on the internet, but from what I hear, he’s very popular. At Fashion Week, I feel like everybody’s coming up to him and saying, ‘Hey, I see you on Instagram.’ “

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