OPINION: Sacked defence minister could be next UK ambassador

Oleksii Reznikov and former defence secretary Ben Wallace in London

With rumours circulating that Oleksii Reznikov could be tipped as the next ambassador to the UK, his association with the war effort may not be over, says John Sparks.

But the end of his career in the defence ministry has not been a “complete surprise” to people in Ukraine, given his department’s association with corruption allegations.

Though he has not been implicated personally, accusations against the ministry have included weapon systems not turning up at the department, and overpayments for eggs and winter coats.

“There is talk in Kyiv that perhaps he might become the next ambassador to the UK,” says Sparks.

“This well-known face will still be associated with the war effort but his career as minister of defence is now over.”

Mr Reznikov has received plaudits for negotiating billions of dollars worth of Western equipment and overseeing the transition of the army from a “post-Soviet” organisation to something “far more dynamic and non-hierarchical”, Sparks says.

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